First a ladybugs is in a egg for 3-5 days. Next it turns into a larva. It stays like that for 2-4 weeks. After it grows into a pupa it stays like that for7 days. Then it turns into an adult.


Ladybugs have a a hard shell that covers there soft wings. They have an abdomen. They also have a thorax. Then comes the head. Inside the abdomen is the heart.


Ladybug babies are bigger then there parents. There about 1 inch long. They are called a larva. When they are a larva they molt 4 times. Then they get on a leaf and curl up and change.


There over 5,000 different kind of ladybugs. There are ladybugs with Christmas colors.
There are some with orange that are celebrated for Halloween. There are are even some with hearts for valentines day. The last kind is a Easter egg shaped kind.

Fun facts

Ladybugs have 3 different names. They save plants that farmers grow. They are partly beetles. Most types are positioning. They lay there eggs next to a aphid.