Egypt's New Energy Plan

Learn About the New and Improved Egypt

Current Energy Demands

Egypt's annual production of energy only increased by 1%, while their annual consumption of energy has increased by 5.3%. By 2025, Egypt's current energy demands are supposed to rise by 50 GWh.

Oil and Natural Gas in Egypt

In Egypt. oil and natural gas continues to increase in demand. They are producing so much oil that the demands continue to sky rocket. This is the most recent energy demands of Egypt. Instead of going with a more sustainable resources, since Egypt can be easily be provided with oil, and natural gas, the demand is very high.

New Energy Plan

My energy plan would be to get Egypt to use only hydroelectric power. If they use only hydroelectric power then:

-pollution will decrease dramatically

-they will never run out of the resource

-it will allow the people in Egypt to have as much energy as they please, because it never runs out

How To Put the Plan in Place

To put the plan in place I will take out all the oil sites, and replace it with hydroelectric sites. The people who worked at the oil site will be able to work at the hydroelectric site. This way they still have a job, but a safer and cleaner work space. Egypt will be able to use the hydroelectric power that they produce. The sites will be located around major bodies of water like the Nile River. The Nile will be a very good source for these sites because it produces a lot of water that is clean and fresh.