Christ the Redeemer

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Have You Heard of Christ the Redeemer?

Rio de Janeiro is known around the world for it's stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes, and delicious food. One monumental landmark has people making the trip from thousands of miles away, to pay tribute to it's beautiful presence. When people think of Brazil, they automatically think of the magnificent, and inspiring statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Christ the Redeemer took along time to build.

The project started in 1922 by Paul Landowski as a symbol of Brazilian Christianity. Before construction started, they didn't have the exact amount of money to build it. The $250,000 to build it came from the church funds. The stones used to build it, came from Sweden, so they had to wait even longer. So the total time to build it took 9 years.

Christ the Redeemer has many features

Christ the Redeemer has many features and details. The arms open wide represent that Jesus loves everyone. A small chapel at the bottom called Chapel of Nossa Senhora Aparecida is used for weddings. The statue is dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet with a golden sash. Christ the Redeemer stands at 39.6 meters tall and 30 meters wide.

Later on, Christ the Redeemer was vandalized

After awhile, there were many changes and distractions that happened to the statue. In 2003, there were escalators, elevators, and walkways installed. In 2007, Christ the Redeemer became one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. In 2008, a electrical storm resulted in a lightning strike to the statue. Due to sun, rain, and storms, Christ the Redeemer has no eyebrows, lips or fingers. It was vandalized by a house painter in 2010. The culprit was later caught.


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