Fall 2016 Pipeline Conference Class


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Pipeline Conference - LifeWay Leadership

Doing Discipleship and Developing Leaders at Every Level

Pipeline 2016 is an intense overview of the Church Leadership Pipeline. Participants will be introduced to the learning objectives and concepts needed to implement leadership development in their local context. Leaders will walk away with the resources needed to equip their volunteers and staff to be competent in the areas of discipleship, vision, strategy, people development, collaboration, and stewardship.

Unlike the typical conference courses we offer, Pipeline is unique in that you will are not required to attend the conference in order to take the course. Live streaming and/or recorded videos will be provided for students who cannot make it to the actual conference in Nashville, TN.

The majority of church leaders express conviction regarding the importance of leadership development, but few actually do it. Four main barriers stop them:

1. They don't know how.

2.They don't have time.

3. They don't have a framework.

4. They don't have the resources.

There is a solution: developing a leadership pipeline. Pipeline is a system and structure that churches of any size can put in place, a culture of developing leaders at every level. Leadership pipeline isn't a silver bullet or quick fix or a magic growth strategy. It's something that churches of various sizes and polities and implement to help both the leaders and the congregants for the sake of the ministry.

This conference will be lead by top church leaders who are devoted to lead, resource, and serve the church. Many conferences offer a message of hope, inspiration, and encouragement, and they certainly want to do that. But they want to take it one step further. They will send attendees home with a plan they can implement in their churches immediately, so they can begin to see real fruit.

Want to train leaders more effectively at your church? You won't want to miss this conference!!

Course Professor: Chris Thompson

Meeting Dates: October 13th

Location: Nashville, TN. Live streaming and/or recorded videos will be provided for students who are enrolled in the conference course but are unable to travel to Nashville.

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