Pierre Trudeau Leadership Traits

By: Salman Choudhry

Basic Biography

-Born on 18th of October, 1919, in Montreal, Quebec

-Passed away on 28th of September, 2000, in Montreal, Quebec

-Full name is Joseph Phillipe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau

-15th Prime Minister of Canada

-Known as "Citizen of the World"

-Part of Liberal party

Appearances Matter - And Remember To Smile

Pierre Trudeau was very optimistic. cheerful, and enthusiastic for a leader. He kept himself that way while he lead the country to success and its glory days.

He was considered to be well groomed and looked good. That is what started "Trudeau-mania", a time in which he was adored by all, his very presence would get the streets in Canada riled up.

Nothing is Black or White

Trudeau is the reason as to why Quebec is part of Canada and he is the man behind the two main languages spoken in Canada, English and French. Instead of choosing a definitive answer as to which language should be the one main, he chose two. This displays that he is an open person and doesn't give bland "Yes" or "No" answers.

Quitting is Leading Too

When Trudeau retired from PM of Canada, he left one thing behind, his legacy/impact. He lead the country with that. Making Quebec and French a major part of Canada has changed the education system quite a bit, that's the impact he's had on the country.


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