Computer Hardware

Christian Maddock

Hard Drive (HDD)/SSD

A Hard Drive is the storage system inside your computer. They are very chunky and have a record player-like arm and a normal CD-like disk which both help record the information.

An SSD (System State Drive) is the modernised version of the hard drive; the only major differences being that they are much smaller and they have no moving parts. You tend to find SSDs in modern technology and Hard Drives in the more aged technological products. A good thing to know is that SSDs are faster but more expensive when HDDs are slower but a lot slower.

Optical Drive

An optical drive is the thing that comes out when you want to put a disk into a DVD player or a CD player. An optical Drive will read the disk you place into the optical drive and either play the disk by showing it through the screen of your electronical device or just simply sending the information to the computer, laptop... you are going on. You can sometimes add information to the disk depending on the disk or device you are using.


A monitor is the screen on your computer. It shows what you are doing like going on the internet or a word document. The way how it shows your information is by adding up pixels (coloured quadrilaterals) to make up pictures like a person or words. You can get many types of screens; you can get normal screens that are not that amazing and you can get High Definition screens (HD) which are much, much clearer!

CPU (Central Processing Drive)

A CPU is effectivley the brain of the computer. I tells the computer what to do . It calculates any calculations and it makes any choices/decisions. The largest manufacturer of the CPU is INTEL. INTEL is in practically all computers, however in all iPhones there are a special CPU made by APPLE.