Welcome to 1/2 William!

Our teacher is Miss Holland

Take a look at what we have been learning!

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Multicultural Day

In Term 3 we celebrated Multicultural Day here at Carramar Public School. Throughout the term, 1/2 William learned all about Indonesia. We were so fascinated learning about Indonesia's culture, language, food, entertainment, animals and daily life. We also had so much fun creating beautiful artworks to display in our classroom for Multicultural Day.


In Term 3, Miss Jung organised for some special people to come to Carramar Public School and teach us how to play golf! We got shown how to hold a golf club in the correct way and how to aim and swing the club so that we could hit the ball as far as we could. We had so much fun!


This term we have been investigating water. Mr Mazzitelli asked Stage 1 to find out why Carramar's water bill was so high. We went on a walk around the school to find out if any water was being wasted. We found a huge water leak in the school and came up with some great ideas to save water. We loved designing and testing our own water collectors that can be used to collect and save rain water.