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PUE Staff Enjoys Going to the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Game

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World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day is a global event held on February 1, 2018. Pleasant Union will be participating in this year's event as part of our implementation and application of global activities into our weekly curriculum. Our purpose of the day is to bring awareness to the "750 million adults around the world who cannot read or write, and 57 million children that do not have access to schooling". "Every year, on World Read Aloud Day, people all around the globe read aloud together and share stories to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people." Pleasant Union, along with many other schools across the globe, will be celebrating the day with read aloud literacy activities.

Please register your class for World Read Aloud Day at, and begin the planning process for how your grade level/classroom will observe the day. When you register, pay particular attention to the number of schools and locations across the world that are participating! You can find simple lesson ideas that celebrate reading and writing on the website, and our PUE Global Committee has come up with a list of ideas and resources to help you get started. Please feel free to add resources and ideas to our ongoing list!

In addition to your classroom activities, we will observe the day school-wide with a Read Aloud Story delivered by our very own Kevin Biles! Plans for K-2 and 3-5 assemblies are in the works. Stay tuned for more information.

Please see your global representative for more information and guidance!


PTA Treats Staff to Crepes and Coffee

The Pleasant Union PTA will be offering a crepes and coffee breakfast to our staff this Friday, Jan. 19th from 7:45-8:45. The crepe chef will be set up in Heather Shipley's room and seating in the media center. Come join us for a great start to Friday.



HOLIDAY- We hope that you had a great day off on Monday!!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!- Please wish Becky Britt a happy belated birthday! Her birthday was January 1, 2018 New Year's Day!! We love Becky and hope and wish her all the best and are so sorry we did not announce her big day!

CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to Jaymie Boose! She is expecting a baby girl which is due in July! We are so happy for her and wish her all the best! We also want to let you know that the baby is already a tarheel :-)

DREAMBOX WEBINAR: Be sure that your team is signed up and ready for the Dreambox Webinar Annette has arranged for on Wednesday, January 17 (Refer to her 1/12 emails for link to sign up, start time, and keeping your walkie talkie on channel 1 to be able to communicate with Annette or Ben should you need technical support.).

LEARNING ROUNDS: As we mentioned via email, the MTSS Team will be doing Learning Rounds on Wednesday, Jan. 17 from 10-11:30. Our Area Superintendent, Pam Kinsey-Barker, Leigh Ann Alford, and an assistant principal form Carroll Middle School will be joining us. One of the academic shifts that the school system has emphasized is text complexity. This involves lots of increased academic language/vocabulary in the daily instruction. As a result, it is likely that those visiting classrooms will be talking with students about what they are learning, how they are doing it, and perhaps why they are learning what they are learning. They also will be observing how you use language/vocabulary in each of the content areas. If you have any questions please let us know.

MAKE UP DAYS Tracks 1/2/3: Make up days for the past two snow days bare Saturday January 20th and Saturday April 7th. See Ms. Person with questions and leave form information.

NEW PARENT OPEN HOUSE: Many of you have asked if this year's New Parent Open House will be the same as last year's and what are the expectations of staff. Basically the majority of parents are for primary grades. Based on that let's plan on having two staff per team level to cover from the 6:15-7:15 evening session. Please submit the two staff from your grade level that will cover the evening session.

MID-YEAR PDP DUE: Please enter information for your mid- year PDP and email Lfricke if you have questions. Please have this completed by Tuesday, January 16th.

SUMMATIVE ARTIFACT INFORMATION SHEET FOR 2017-2018- Begin to fill in the Summative Artifact Information Sheet for 2017-2018 (see PUE Master Folder or the link below) for your end of year conference. Dates are listed on the sheet as to when they should be emailed to Ms. Fricke. All teachers have to fill in information for all five standards. Here's the link to the document.


Mark Your Calendars

Monday, Jan. 15

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday-WCPSS Closed

Tuesday, Jan. 16

  • 8:15 PTA Mtg. in Media Center

Wednesday, Jan. 17

  • 7:45 Dreambox Webinar REQUIRED- all classroom certified staff--TAs Optional but always welcome
  • 9:30 MTSS Team/Area Sup't. Learning Rounds
  • 10:00 New to PUE Tour

Friday, Jan. 19

  • Track 3 tracks out

Monday, Jan. 22

  • Track 4 tracks in
  • 9:00 Rising 6th Grade Parent Pine Hollow Info Session in Media Center
  • 5:00 Rising 6th Grade Parent Pine Hollow Info Session in Media Center

Wednesday, Jan. 24

  • 10:00 New to PUE Tour

Thursday, Jan. 25

  • 9:45 New to PUE Open House
  • 6:15 New to PUE Open House

Friday, Jan. 26

  • Report Cards for Track 4 go home

Wednesday, Jan. 31

  • New to PUE Tour



AM Hallway: Shipley/Blocker (Help greet parents/students, check with Ms. Person to see what is needed at the visitor sign-in tables or the carpool tag/ transportation table.)

AM Carpool: Narvaez (Help Safety Patrol, call for more help if needed, monitor carpool lane)

AM Breakfast: Johnson (Work with students regarding lunch numbers, encourage students to eat and get directly to class.)

AM Bus: Crum (Write down arrival times of buses. Work with Fricke to disembark students, trouble-shoot issues.)

Lunch Duty: Fitzgerald, Johnson, Crum, Newman, McEwen, Brown, Narvaez

(Start the track in period with consistent behavior expectations. Work with one another to use the "warning" behavior system, train students to pick up trash/sweep, and inform teachers of issues. Do not allow students to flip bottles/get up without permission. Do not hesitate to move a student to a separate seat or to inform the office of repeated issues. Update the seating charts in the notebook as needed. The office will contact you (support staff) if necessary for coverage. THANK YOU FOR DOING LUNCH DUTY.

PM Hallway: Andrews (Check all students for tags in the bus line. If a student does not have a tag, inform Fricke and Ms. Britt ASAP. )

PM Carpool: Brown, Perry (outside), McEwen, Shipley/Blocker (inside), Stern (Specialists fill in- contact office is there is a change and to let us know who is covering) (Call carpool numbers. If a parent doesn't have a carpool tag, PLEASE INFORM THE PARENT that they should get one from the office.

PM Bus: Sigmon (Call one bus at a time. Write down arrival times. CHECK FOR BUS TAGS ON EACH CHILD'S BOOKBAG. Work with Britt and Andrews to trouble-shoot, solve issues. IF YOU HAVE CONFERENCES ETC... LET THE OFFICE KNOW ON MONDAY MORNING.)

**If someone is not available, staff members that are available may be called to assist.*