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High Levels of Learning for ALL!

DON'T FORGET! We have Science MAP Test Tuesday and Wednesday! Students can still bring healthy snack on these days!


10 & 11- Science MAP Test

11 - Field Day

12 - Music Program 6pm

13 - Celebration Assembly 8:45 a.m.

13 - Walking Trip to McDonald's

16 - City Museum Field Trip - Return at 5:15pm

17 - Fun Run

18 - Grades 3-5 Awards Assembly 8:30-9:45

19 - Summer Celebration & Early Dismissal

There will be Grilled Hotdogs from Mr. Cannon & Mr. Beaver on Thursday, May 12 for lunch!

Thank You for All Who Remembered Me for Teacher Appreciation!

Field Day

Wednesday, May 11th, 12:30pm

Fulton High School Sports Complex

Students will need to wear comfortable clothes, a water bottle, and sunscreen if desired.

5th Grade Music Program

Thursday, May 12th, 6pm

706 Hickman Avenue

Fulton, MO

Students should be here by 5:45 to be able to get organized before the concert.
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McDonald's Trip This Friday!

Students will be allowed to order whatever they have the money to pay for at McDonald's, but they need to remember that they will be outside playing all afternoon. We don't want anyone having a stomach ache. If your child would like to bring a ball or activity that they can carry in a backpack on their own, they are welcome to bring it for the park. If your child is ordering a lunch from school, they are still able to buy an ice cream or soda at McDonald's if they'd like. Be sure to wear comfy clothes and shoes and bring sunscreen if you need it!
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City Museum Trip 1 Week Away!

Here are tips to help make this an awesome trip!

  1. What to WEAR - closed toe shoes or sneakers & long pants or jeans for the climbing and sliding
  2. What to BRING - a sack lunch & a jacket because many things are outside and it could be cooler temps that day
  3. Leave at Home - cell phones and electronics because the climbing and jumping puts you at high risk for it to fall out of your pocket
  4. Possible Options - there are snacks and souvenirs sold at the museum if you would like to bring money to buy something
  5. Finally, the rooftop deck costs extra money and will not be visited during this trip because parent volunteers will not be expected to pay to take children up there.