Ursala's Dispatch

" Mi casa, su casa "

Neuro-Head Set $ 599.99

The Neuro-Head Set gives you the ability to do things on your computer with the power of just your mind. The future of technology if finally here! It’s the best and easiest thing to use for your homework, or with work, of just when you want to be lazy. Because all you have to do is put it on your head, then just think! I know the price is a little high, but trust me its totally worth it.

Yay for being lazy!

In love or Nah?

Vienna has been exposed to radiation in Las Vegas! She’s not doing very well, I hope she turns out to be okay. I have to admit, I care for her very much. But I’m not sure about my feelings for her. We came here to Las Vegas to hide from the people who’s mind’s have been taken over by the Neuro-Head Sets. And in the process Vienna was exposed to radiation. I’m very worried about her, and she keeps on saying “Sam, I’m fine!” but I don’t believe her. I hope she gets better.

Carolyn Hax : Bad Lady’s Man

Dear Carolyn :I have a big, huge, and fat crust on this girl. She’s really special to me and I don’t know how to tell her. And I’ve never been a lady’s man. So I have no idea how to tell her how I feel. Or even make a move on her. And I’m scared because what if she dosent like me back.Bad Lady’s ManBad Lady’s Man :Hey Bad Lady’s Man, any advice that I could give you is that you should just come out and tell her how you feel. Maybe she will even like you back. Or nah. But if she dosent like you back, she is not worth it! Well, I hope that helped! -         Carolyn Hax

Brain Jack the movie? No Way!?

Vegas has been destroyed by a terrorist attack. Neuro-Head Sets have taken over peoples minds. But Sam wanted a Neoro-Head Set really bad. The author Brian Falkner has brought the future of computers here!(in a book). Now a Neuro-Head Set is a device that allows you to control your computer with just your mind. Sam has hacked into Telecomerica, he got himself a Neuro-Head Set, but whilt he was doing this, most of the U.S.A. lost electricity. But now the Neuro-Head Sets have taken over peoples minds. They’ve all turned against Sam. Because he was a hacker and could of stopped the Neuro-Head Sets(Ursala). And Sam if first up to stop Ursala from taking over the world.
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