Organizational Change

How to Reduce Resistance to Change

What is Organization Change?

"The methods by which organizations evolve to become more adaptive to pressing economic and social conditions" (Muchinsky, 2012, p. 262).


Discuss all elements of the change

  • Positives
  • Negatives


  • Allow employees to actively participate in the change
  • Take suggestions from employees
  • Give regular feedback to employees

Support & Commitment

  • Top-level management needs to show support and commitment to the change
  • A perception of a lack of enthusiasm, support, or commitment will result in resistance
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  • Encourage employees that change is beneficial to the growth of the company and to individual employees
  • Discuss impact of resisting the change

Convenience V. Inconvenience

If an inconvenience is perceived, then employees will resist change

  • Decrease inconveniences
  • Support change as a way to simplify job tasks


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