Friday Focus

February 5, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

We have quite a bit in store for today with our blood drive, talent show, and pops concert all happening. It's great to see the sun shining, even though it's a little cold.

It's been a busy week for me, as I'm sure it has been for you too. On Monday, I was at a COC meeting to discuss conference membership. It looks like Joplin will likely join the large side of the conference, so there will be 10 schools on that side. The future of the small side is still in question. Some of the schools are still considering other options.

On Wednesday, several of us attended a meeting with Jimmy Casas, principal at Bettendorf HS in Iowa. It was a great day. He had a ton of energy and reminded everyone of how important the personal connections are in our lives. Here are some of things he shared:

1. Bring your best every day. Don't let anyone steal your excellence.

2. Own your professional development. Don't wait for the school to "train you." Be a learner. The only barrier to our own learning is our own willingness to learn.

3. What we model is what we get. From students and from each other.

4. Social media can build school community and pride. His school's hashtag is #BettPride. Check it out. It's like our #bhsmatters or #bcgs.

5. Surround yourself with excellence. Connecting with other leaders in your field is one way to do this. Connect on Twitter. If you are isolated, it's a choice. There are great opportunities to connect.

6. Ask students these questions when correcting or disciplining: Do you believe I was fair to you? Do you believe I care about you?

7. We can't reach new heights without challenging the status quo.



We are working to make our scheduling and information flow a little better. We've had a Google Calendar for our building all year, but it hasn't included all events. And I'm not even sure people are checking it. Going forward, it will be the master calendar for the school. Be sure your events are included. It is shared with all faculty and staff to view. Sheila and Jean both have editing rights and would be happy to add your event.

  • Please email Sheila or Jean with anything upcoming that is not currently listed.
  • We won't include every routine club meeting, but any contest, event, or other activity can be included. We will then update the website calendar to make sure the public can find the information too.
  • We won't include athletic contests on there because it would be too much. There are just too many. These events will continue to be listed on the school web page.
  • If you have trouble finding the calendar, let me know. It will be with your shared calendars on Google.


Next week at a glance:

-Jostens will be here Tuesday and Thursday for class ring stuff

-Next Friday is the district PD day. Our student tech team will present two sessions! Thanks to the other HS prensenters! Can't wait for the awesome to happen!

-President's Day is a week from Monday...No School!

This week on Twitter...

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