Eagle Ridge PROUD

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What's New?

  • First PROUD Crowd- October 2
  • Each grade level needs to choose their 2 Golden Eagle winners on or before September 24th.
  • Golden Eagle letters need to be typed in order for students to receive a copy.
  • Be sure to recycle Eagle Bucks when they are turned in. Please place the recycled Eagle Bucks in the "Refill" pockets around the school.
  • If you need more, Eagle Buck templates are in each grade level crate in the workroom.

Coming Up!

  • Grade levels begin thinking of how they want to decorate their PROUD hallway ceiling tiles. Completed by October 2nd. Ask grade level PBIS representative for details.
  • Character Trait for 1st six weeks: Positive. Each class needs to pick 1-2 students for award.


  • Please do not write on Eagle Bucks.
  • Remind your students about Noble the Eagle. He is looking for Eagle Ridge PROUD behavior!
  • Keep passing out those Eagle Bucks and reinforcing great behavior!
  • Please review Stacy's Newsletter.
  • If there are any questions, please ask your grade level PBIS representative.
  • Please do not announce/tell the winner(s) of the Golden Eagle until it is announced at PROUD Crowd.