Randall Middle School

Newsletter, February 2022

News From the Principal

Dear Randall families and caregivers,

The month of January was a busy one as we kicked off 2022. We’ve had high levels of learning occurring all over the building. The month of January is when students here at Randall Middle School and across the country are assessed using a universal screening tool. This universal screening tool is administered in the fall (~October), the winter (~January) and the spring (~May). The scores, in addition to learning progress demonstrated in the classroom, help us determine areas of growth and areas of need for our students. Most of our students showed growth on these assessments. If our students did not show growth typically expected for their age and grade level, we provide additional support through our instructional specialists. This is intended to give students additional time and support to show proficiency on the essential academic learning standards for their grade level.

Your student brought home an Interim Progress Report on Wednesday, 2/2. This report reviews your student’s progress on the academic and behavioral essentials midway through the second trimester. It is important to review this, and note the areas your student is meeting expectations, and note any areas your student needs to improve. Please discuss this with your student. Helping your student to set goals to show improvement, and then discussing these efforts are a great way to reinforce academic and behavioral expectations at home.

Are you the parent of a 6th grader? Did you know that Family Health Network of CNY is providing FREE preventive dental services here at Randall Middle School for 6th graders? The grant-based dental services include: a dental screening, cleaning, fluoride, and sealants. This program provides a convenient way for your child to receive preventative oral health care. Your child’s oral health is important and your participation is vital in ensuring this dental program’s success. Your sixth grader brought home a green packet that contains more information about this valuable program. PLEASE RETURN THE SIGNED FORM CONTAINED IN THE GREEN PACKET WHETHER YOU DO OR DO NOT WISH YOUR STUDENT TO PARTICIPATE. If your 6th grade student has misplaced the packet, please have them ask in the main office for another.

As always, thank you for your support of Randall Middle School.

With Purple Tiger Pride,

News From the Nurse


All 5th graders and any new admits to the Cortland School District, are required to have a physical examination. If your child has already had one and you have sent a copy to the nurse, you are all set. If your child needs a physical, please make an appointment to get one, then have it faxed to the nurse at (607)-758-4179. If you prefer a school physical, call the nurse. School physicals are scheduled every Tuesday morning. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the nurse at (607) 758-4174 or jneuman@cortlandschools.org


If a student exhibits symptoms in school they will be sent home. Prior to returning to school one of the following criteria must have been met.

  • The student must be symptom free or having resolving symptoms after a 5 day period

  • The student must have a negative test for COVID-19. This test must be a PCR test. At home tests will not be accepted for this purpose.

  • The student must have an alternative diagnosis from a physician.


  • Call the Main Office if your child is absent or tardy.

  • Update phone numbers, contacts & health concerns.

  • Check your child's hair daily for any signs of lice/nits.

  • Pack a change of clothes for spills or accidents.

  • If your child needs medication in school, get a Doctor's order, bring in the medication, and sign paperwork.

  • Keep your children home if they are sick!

  • COVID testing consent forms available online.

COVID tests Registration https://app.clarifi-covid-19.com

Positivity Project

This past month, we delved into the traits of Optimism, Prudence, and Perseverance. Evidence of the Positivity Project is shown in many ways around the building, each and every day. Here are just a few examples of the amazing things happening with our Social Emotional Learning here at Randall School.
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Big picture

Math News

Our 3rd Math Olympiad contest took place last week, and we couldn´t be more proud of the effort shown by many of the students. Pictured here is (the majority of) our 6th Grade Team. 5th graders will gather for a photo next month.
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Music News

Our students have been mastering the 12-bar blues on xylophone and have been improvising rhythms using the blues. We are composing our blues lyrics and enjoying sharing these with classmates.
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Band News

Instruments: Just a reminder that instruments should be going back and forth to and from school each night, they should not be left overnight at school. We have also talked in rehearsals about students making sure to be responsible to bring instruments to school for each lesson and rehearsal day, as we are not allowing students to borrow school instruments as of now. Any reminders you can give at home about instruments would be great!

Lessons: We have talked a lot in band about how important lessons are and how important it is that lessons that are missed get made up so that students don’t fall behind. If a student is absent from school, they do not need to make up a lesson, but if they are in school and forget or can’t come for whatever reason, they should make up the lesson. Students can come see me at any time to schedule a make up lesson, or they can email me at school to schedule one. Please reach out with any questions about lessons! The February band lesson schedule can be found here.

5th Grade Science

In 5th grade Science, students have been exploring the topic of water scarcity and the various ways humans have attempted to get water to where it is needed. For this lab, students worked in collaborative groups to design and build a functioning water pump.
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Congratulations to Randall Middle School 5th Grader Owen McGraw!

Congratulations to Randall Middle School 5th Grader Owen McGraw who is headed to the final oral round of The Post-Standard Syracuse.com Spelling Bee. Owen won our Randall Middle School Spelling Bee and competed in the regional round to qualify for the final round in Syracuse. Owen will now compete at 10:15 a.m. March 5 at the Everson Museum. The winner of that competition will represent Central New York in the 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee, May 27 through June 2, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

Randall Middle School Student Council

Our 2021-2022 Randall Middle School Student Council has begun organizing activities and events for our school. The Student Council advisors are Randall Middle School social worker Mrs. Heidi Effinger, and Randall Middle School TA Mrs. Tanya Zimmer. Both Mrs. Effinger and Mrs. Zimmer are excited to work with the student leaders who submitted a parent/caregiver permission form AND an application, which were then reviewed and considered for Student Council. Many factors were considered when determining our members. These include consistently demonstrating school-appropriate behavior and being positive role models, consistent school attendance, and a willingness to lead and support Randall Middle School events. We had a HUGE turnout for 5th graders. Our future looks bright! Please join us in congratulating the following Student Council Leaders:

5th Grade:

Ailey Adams

Vanessa Feliciano

Kaylee Loveall-Whitten

Hannah Hornbrook

Liam Reeners

Emmaleigh Eckstrom

Rowyn Grant

Jazmyne Maxwell

Kaylee Bach

Isabella Muratovic

Miles Bacigalupi

Abigail Martin

Maggie Ramiza

5th Grade Alternates (in case of absences)

Eliana Totman

Landon Bartholomew

Wyatt Valentine

Liam Madden

6th Grade:

Simone Densmore

Oliver Rafferty

Jalaya Nelson

Noah Wood

Sophia Ramiza

Emma Stout

Jackson George

Michaela Cullen

Gavin Matthews

Evan Shirk

Munchkin Madness!!!

Have you ever met fifth graders who come up with an idea and run with it? We’re lucky to have three Randall Middle School 5th graders who came up with an idea for Monday Munchkins. Miles Bacigalupi, Logan Seamon, and Wyatt Valentine wanted to find a way to provide munchkins (donut holes) for the entire school EVERY Monday! Although it sounded like a cool idea, we decided to make it a one time event instead of a weekly event. These student leaders researched the best pricing for the donut holes, arranged the best date with Mrs. Quinn, called ahead to order the donuts in advance, and designed posters so students and staff can anticipate the upcoming Munchkin Madness! Kudos to Miles, Logan, and Wyatt! We can’t wait for Munchkin Madness on the morning of Friday, February 18, 2022, where they will be serving 1,000 munchkins to students and staff here at Randall Middle School!
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(left to right: Miles, Wyatt, Logan)

Social and Emotional Learning Program

Valerie Chapman, Prevention Specialist through Cortland Prevention Resources,

a Division of Family and Children’s Counseling Services, is providing a social and emotional learning program called Too Good For Drugs to all 5th and 6th graders at Randall Middle School. If you are interested in finding out more information about this program, please see the informational letters provided. 5th Grade letter 6th Grade letter

Library News

In the library, we are starting new projects and learning!

Our sixth graders are working to research and become experts about a career they are researching, while learning how to cite and reference sources.

Fifth graders are learning how to have a keen eye when evaluating websites and images in order to find the best resources possible for their endangered animal project.

We also are going to be learning about the IDITAROD soon - stay tuned!

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