Evaluation question 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

My main product, the music video has a revenge-style concept with a lot of attitude. The lyrics tell a story of my artist’s last boyfriend who left her and now that she has bloomed into a desirable woman he regrets the break-up. I wanted to capture this superior attitude in my ancillary texts, the magazine advert and the digipak.

Big image

For my magazine advert I used a photo of my artist with her arms folded across her chest. The photo itself is slightly low angled with my artists head tilted upwards, looking down on the camera in a superior way. This is further enhanced by the placement of the photo at the top of the advert. There is nothing above her, symbolising that she is ‘at the top of her game’. I decided to use red as the main colour for all my texts alongside black and white for consistency. I chose red because it is a fierce colour which compliments my concept well.

When adding my artist’s name to my ancillary texts I decided to make them identical. I used the font Coneria Script to write her name as it looked hand-written but also resembled the kind of font someone may use in a tattoo. Tattoos are often associated with rebellion and attitude which inks in with my theme. I decided to put an X between ‘Alexa’ and ‘Marie’ to make it look more like an artist logo that could be used consistently across many texts, adding to her brand identity. I kept all the text within 4 fonts, Edo for the Album title, Coneria Script for The Artist name, Special Elite for other text and One Trick Tony for the quote on the inner left hand side of the digipak.