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Thank you!

By now all of you have received your Beautycounter products that you ordered last month at Shaw's social. I know that you are loving our products! If you should have any questions or would like additional information on our products, please let me know. I am thrilled to announce that Sonya Sutton has joined my Beautycounter team to help me continue to grow and educate about Beautycounter and our mission in the South Georgia area. Sonya will be launching her business next Tuesday, September 15 at her home in Fitzgerald starting at 6 p.m. I will be there to assist Sonya at her launch and would love for y'all to come and bring a friend who may have not been able to make it to Shaw's social last month. Sonya is excited about her new business venture with Beautycounter and I know that she will be successful! Please contact Sonya at or text/call her at 229.424.8251 to let her know if you will be attending her launch. I hope to see everyone next week!

Why Beautycounter?

I am so excited about being a part of Beautycounter, a new skincare and cosmetics company that is leading the way in the beauty industry by setting new ingredients standards by what they choose not to include. Meaning, they have chosen to eliminate components that have a proven record of toxicity, which as it turns out are commonly found in all kinds of skin and personal care products that we use everyday. And not just the cheaper drug store brands, the higher-end, more expensive product lines too. As a survivor of breast cancer and a woman who struggled for over 6 years with infertility, Beautycounter's mission hit very close to home for me. That is WHY I decided to join Beautycounter.

Gregg Renfrew - Founder & CEO, Beautycounter

This is a "must see" video. It will change the way you look at the cosmetic and skin care industry and will make you question what you are putting on yours and your family skin. I know that this video is what made me know that I had to get involved with Beautycounter.
The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry

Thank you again for becoming a Beautycounter client. Sonya and I look forward to serving you in the future. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if I can ever be of assistance.