Evil Star Book Two Of Gatekeepers

Story Elements

Evil Star takes place in Eastfield Terrance during present time. The main conflict in the story involves with the main character "Matt" having a certain amount of time before the second gate of death opens, he also has to prevent this gate from opening before his Auntie "Gwenda" kills him and before anyone steals the "book of secrets" that has intellect on how to open and close the gate

Character Analysis

The main character is Matt. Three words to describe the main character are isolated, stubborn, and miscontrued. The character is motivated by Richard, Fabian, and Susan because both Ricardd and Susan push him to use his powers in a positive matter instead of using his powers against people that bully or make fun of his physical appearance. Fabian motivates him by telling Matt that hes the most powerfull gatekeeper of them all and telling him he is the only one capable enough to stop the gate from opening. I like the main character because once he managed to evacute everone from his school with his "Clairvoyance" powers he finally comes to an indication that he needs to hurry and find the book teller before the gate of death opens. The relationship between Richard and Matt is an father and son type relationship because Richard Mentors Matt as if he was his son when he really is not suppose to.
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The theme of the novel is "If you know something's right then do it before its too late". One example that supports the theme is the scence in the story when Matt rejected the Nexus organization request on finding the "Gate Book" and because of his rejection Matt was forst to use his "Clairvoyance" magic powers in front of everyone to stop "Gwendolyn" from destroying his entire school that almost killed him in the process. Another example is two years ago, Matt had the opritunity to close Ravens Gate (One of the Gatekeepers) but he held a grudge against her for something she had did to him which led him to regret his grudge during the end of the story. A third example from the book is after Diego, (Matts Cousin) stole the "Gate Book" from the book teller, Matt didn't go after him simply because Diego was his cousin. A final example that supports theme is when Fabian had the chance to kill Diego (Before he took the Gate Book) but he didn't cause Fabian was to concern about what Matt would think of him since he killed his blood cousin.
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The rate I would give this novel is a "7". I gave this novel that rating because this book ive chosen was an sequel and I didn't have the oppritunity to read the first book in the series. I believe teens can relate to this book because in this story both Fabian and Matt regretted a lot of things during there past which lead themselves in an difficult predicament towards the end of the story, this teaches teens how to change something he or she knows thats wrong before its too late in the long run.
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