Road TO Perseverance

By: Aarushi Arora

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is full of adversities and and triumphs. Perseverance is to do something without giving up and even if there are obstacles, never give up. Everybody says perseverance is to never give up. Perseverance to me is patience, time, adversity, triumph, and persistence.

Ormie The Pig - Problem/Solution

" Your dreams are worth it, persevere. Your focus is your power. Harness it." Ormie, Ormie is a Bright pink and persevering pig. He tries and tries to get the cookies from the top of his fridge. Ormie tries and tries and tries to get his cookies. He tries to use a toilet plunger to climb up the fridge and grab the cookies, but that didn't turn out so well. Next, Ormie tries to jump off of a plane, but lands on his bottom. Ormie does many other things to try to get his cookies, but doesn't get them. Once he gave up he goes to the fridge and sits down. Then, he accidentally bumps his head on the fridge. Next thing he knows, there are cookies falling from the sky. He tries to catch some, but they all land on the ground. Finally, he grabs one and as he is about to put it in his mouth, the cookie jar falls on him and he can't eat his yummy, gooey, soft, warm, and mouth watering cookies'. Ormie should be nominated for the perseverance award because he kept on trying until he wasn't even able to stand. Perseverance means to keep on going until your goal is reached, and not giving up. Ormie showed perseverance and persistence by trying to get the cookies even though they were not a big deal. " Your dreams are worth it, persevere. Your focus is your Power. Harness it."

Caption- Ormie the Pig

Ormie trying to get the cookie jar after many tries. He went on a plane and jumped out of it. He persevered so much, but was unsuccessful with a cookie jar on his head at the end. He faced many other adversities, but still failed. Ormie was resilient when he didn't get the cookies, he kept on going with his crazy, adventurous, weird, and amazing ideas.
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Kid President - Description

Kid President wanted us to do something awesome not give up. He also said we should never stop believing and that life is boring when all we do is sit down and do nothing. Also, that we are all on the same team and we work together to make the world better. There was a poem by Robert Frost called, The Road Not Taken. In this poem it states that there are two roads and that you can only take one road, but the other road was always going to be there.

Kid President- Caption

Kid President is a great example of perseverance. This is because he shows everyone how to live life the fun, nice, and crazy way. He perseveres in many ways such as, when he breaks a part of his body, he doesn't stop doing videos or other things. Like he said in the picture, if you don't succeed at first, you're normal, but you have to try, try again.
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Eleanor Roosevelt - Sequencing

First, in Eleanor Roosevelt’s early life she suffered many losses such as, her mother and her father. Next, in 1905 Eleanor got married to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who later became president. They had six kids in which one boy named Franklin died as an infant. She also started helping out in WWI in the American Red Cross. After her husband suffered a polio attack she started helping out in his political career. Then, she became the U.S.’s First Lady. As many people tried to bring her down by criticising her she persevered through her journey of politics. Finally, Eleanor Roosevelt’s husband died a couple of days after having a stroke. Poor Eleanor died after a long struggling life 17 years later in 1962.

Caption- Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the best examples of perseverance. This is because she has faced so many adversities in her life. She was bullied her entire life. Her mother hated her and never even talked to her. Both her parents died when she was very young. Even when she got married her husband disrespected her. He cheated on her and was very rude to her. Then when he was sick she went into politics and focused on civil rights. So like this her life went by, but every time a problem came out of nowhere, she faced it with resilience.
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Many things can be learned from the people I wrote about, which will help get rid of their adversities. One thing that can be learned is the part that all of them did whatever they could do at the moment to solve the situation they were in and then thought of more ideas. Another thing is, to do a job you have to move on from old problems and use the experience you learned and use it for the new problem if possible. Finally, if anyone wants to succeed in life they should always persevere until they have absolutely nothing left to do. Which is usually never possible. However, on the good side after you persevere your reward most of the time is triumphing and what you want.