22 November 2021

Holy Cross Catholic School Papatoetoe

Our Vision: Learning and Growing in Christ

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Kia Orana, Hola como Estas, Marhaba, Greetings to you all.
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November 21st was our final Sunday for this liturgical year and we celebrated the great feast of Christ the King. We look forward now to the season of Advent which begins next Sunday. Children love rituals and traditions. There is nothing more beautiful than watching children’s shiny eyes and their contagious excitement in anticipation of a festive event, such as, for example, the approaching Christmas season.

Children are innate spiritual beings from birth. Special celebrations can be celebrated in such a way that nurture a sense of awe, reverence and wonder for the specific occasion. When we assign meaning and purpose to a celebration, we provide children with rich nourishment for their souls. Something they can tap into throughout their lives and provides them with an inner strength. By mindfully creating meaningful celebrations, we create pockets of reflection and contemplation which are building stones for emotional wellbeing, self-regulation, competence and resilience.

“Rituals teach our children that life is good, and that there is order and harmony.

“Rituals are keepsakes that live in our hearts”.

Rituals bring us immense hope especially during times of uncertainty. They help us to foster a sense of belonging and identity. They show us who we are as a family and they can be passed on from one generation to another, strengthening the bond and connection with one another.

“Rituals connect us to the past by keeping us linked to our people, preventing us from losing touch with who we are and where we came from. A reminder of our true identity.”

Uniform Shop

Procedures for Purchasing Uniforms during Lockdown.

  • Uniforms will be available between 8.15am and 2.30pm Monday – Friday.
  • Come to the School Office and knock on the door.
  • Office staff will fit the child with their uniform.
  • Parents or Guardian will view the uniform and confirm purchase.
  • Parents/Guardians may come into the office and pay using EFTPOS providing they are DOUBLE VACCINATED.
  • One person in the School Office at a time.

We apologise if you have to wait but we are following protocols to ensure everyone is safe.

Enrolments for 2022

Due to parents leaving enrolments at Holy Cross School until the last minute, a large number of children will miss out on attending here in 2022. We accept enrolments when your child turns 4 years old and it is imperative that you enrol your children as soon as this date arrives as we only have a limited number of spaces due to the Government putting a maximum role on our school.

Once we reach this number, we cannot take any more children whether they are family or new families wishing to attend Holy Cross School. We ask you to enrol your children as soon as they turn three and if you are leaving Holy Cross at the end of the school year please let us know as soon as possible as we have a waiting list of children who want to take these places. Please do not leave it until the last minute to inform us as it is not fair to those children who are waiting.


Congratulaions to former pupils Natalia Rankin-Chitar, Tiaare Ahovelo and Bronson Chungson (pictured below) who have been selected in the NZ Waterpolo Youth Squad to compete in the FINA World Youth Championships in Brisbane, Australia in 2022.

Since playing for Holy Cross in 2014-2016, all three players have continued on with waterpolo achieving great success representing their respective clubs and high schools as top premier players. We wish them well with their New Zealand selection!

End of School Year 2021

School will close for the year immediately after the 1pm Mass on Friday 10th December. All children must be collected promptly at this time.

Start of School Year 2022

School will resume on Thursday 3rd of February at 8.45am

Parking in Fairview Road when dropping off or picking up students

When you are parking your vehicle in Fairview Road please ensure that you DO NOT PARK ACROSS OR PARTIALLY BLOCK DRIVEWAYS. This is very inconvenient to the residents and is causing problems. You may need to consider parking further away from the school and walking your child to the school gate.

New Booklets for Students Years 0 - 2 Ready for Pickup

A new booklet for students in Years 1 & 2 may be collected from the School Office between 9am – 3pm. The work in the booklet will be enough work until the end of this year.

Parenting Webinar

Anglican Trust for Women and Children invite you to a free webinar ‘Parenting Through Lockdown’ on Thursday 25th November at 7pm. Join Sheridan and Pio from the Parenting Place live on Facebook.com/anglicantrustforwomenandchildren

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HPV Second Dose for Y8 & Boostrix Vaccination for Y7

Public Health nurses will be in school at 9am on Tuesday 30th November to vaccinate our Year 7 students with Boostrix and administer the second HPV dose for Year 8 students.

Covid-19 Vaccination Bus

The vaccination bus will be parked in the Church carpark on Tuesday 30th November from

9.15am – 1pm for any who wishes to be vaccinated for Covid-19. No appointment is necessary.

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Children Leaving Holy Cross School

If your child will be leaving Holy Cross School at the end of this year (other than Year 6 boys and Y8 girls), please phone the Office and let us know. Our roll is very full and we have a large number of children on our waiting list. Thank you for your support in this matter.

End of Year School Reports

The end of year reports will be sent home with your child on Friday 8th December. We ask that you discuss the report with your child and see where you as parents can help your child during the Christmas holiday.

Research shows that children who read regularly over the holiday period make greater gains in the following year compared to children who don’t. Maybe a good Christmas present this year could be a book for your child.

Procedure for Purchasing School Uniforms

  • Uniforms will be available between 9.00am and 2.30pm Monday – Friday.
  • Come to the office where we will be letting one child / family in at a time.
  • Office staff will fit them with the uniform
  • Parent or Guardian will view the uniform and confirm purchase.
  • Parent or Guardian as long as they can show evidence that they are double vaccinated can come into the office and pay using EFTPOS
  • One person in the School Office at a time.

We apologise if you have to wait but we are following protocols to ensure everyone is safe.

Scholastic Book Club

Below is the link to the Book Club catalogue number 7. Families can order using the book club link and pay then the books will be delivered to your homes.


School Lunches

Please note: There will be NO school lunches on Fridays for the remainder of the year.

Attendance Dues

Thank you to the families who have already paid their Attendance Dues for this Term. If you have not yet paid your Attendance Dues, please do so as soon as possible. We encourage Attendance Dues to be paid by automatic payment. Forms are available at the School Office which will enable you to set up the payments. Please note, Attendance Dues will be increasing to $113.00 per child per term from 4th February 2022.

Waterpolo Thrives at Holy Cross School Papatoetoe

Waterpolo started at Holy Cross in 2013 with one team. It has since grown in numbers with 60 children from Year 5 to Year 8 having the opportunity to play the sport with many carrying on through to club and high school with great success like former Holy Cross students and premier school players Natalia Rankin-Chitar (Y13, St Kentigern College), Tiaare Ahovelo (Y12, St Cuthbert College) and Bronson Chungson (Y11, Sacred Heart College) who have all been selected in the NZ Youth Squad to compete in the FINA World Youth Championships in Brisbane, Australia in 2022.

Holy Cross has produced a number of strong waterpolo players for our local club Mountfort Park as well as Seawolf and Marist Waterpolo Club. We have former students playing waterpolo at Sacred Heart College, St Cuthbert College, St Marys College, Baradene College, Kings School, Howick College, St Peters College, St Kentigern College and Kings College.

Holy Cross is proud to be one of very few primary schools in South Auckland that offer waterpolo as a sport. Our Year 5&6 and Year 7&8 teams have had great success competing in the school waterpolo leagues run by our local waterpolo club Mountfort Park. We continue to have three Year 5&6 teams take part in Mountforts’ Introduction to Waterpolo Programme and our Year 7&8 team compete in the Eastern League at Sacred Heart College having also participated in Winterfest and the Tim Sonderer Tournament. This year we were excited to participate in our very first AIMS games and North Islands before lockdown hit.

The success of waterpolo at Holy Cross can be contributed to the passion of our teachers, enthusiasm and drive of our students, the commitment of our parents and the full support of our principal Mr Bruce Young. Working closely with our local waterpolo club Mountfort Park and the assistance of Seawolf Club head coach Olly Gibb have been instrumental in the development of our players as well as the services of our former students coming back as volunteer coaches and referees.

2021 Season

Term 1: Y5&6 teams Holy Cross Red, Holy Cross Blue, Holy Cross White (Saturday/Sunday games at Manurewa

Y7&8 Development League at St Cuthbert College (Saturdays 3:00pm-4:30pm) 20 intermediate girls
participated receiving top coaching and games.

Term 2: Y7&8 Winter festival Tournament – placed 6th/20 overall.

Y7&8 Eastern League at Sacred Heart College (Friday/Sunday games).

Term3: Y7&8 AIMS games/North Islands (cancelled).

List of former Holy Cross pupils who have gone on to play waterpolo for School/Club

1. Tanekaha Kingi (SHC, Mountfort)

2. Maire Kingi (SHC, Mountfort)

3. Austin Anitelea (SHC, Marist)

4. Sebastian Dunn (SHC, Marist)

5. Bronson Chungson (SHC, Marist)

6. Kaleb Vaineritua (SHC, Seawolf)

7. Lina Leo (St Marys, Mountfort)

8. Sylvia Leo (St Marys, Mountfort)

9. Eden Tuala (Mountfort)

10. Selai Ahovelo (Mountfort)

11. Penelope Ta’ateo (Baradene, Mountfort)

12. Finau Vainikolo (Baradene)

13. Teresa Mayerhofler (St Cuthbert, Mountfort)

14. Tiaare Ahovelo (St Cuthbert, Mountort)

15. Steven Mayerhofler (St Peters, Mountfort)

16. Makaio Waru Smith (Kings School, Seawolf)

17. Jaydan Samasoni (Kings College)

18. Natalia Rankin-Chitar (St Kents, Mountfort)

19. Samantha Ellis (Mountfort)

20. Maylosa Pasaleli (Mountfort)

21. Michelle Manu-Joseph (Mountfort)

22. Segi Lelaulu (Mountfort)

23. Amelia Hutchby (Seawolf)

24. Matthew Ellis (Mountfort, Howick College)

25. Brooklyn Tuala (Mountfort)

26. Oliver Pritchard (Mountfort)

27. Vili Ahovelo (Mountfort)

28. Tevyn Anitelea (2012-2018) Kings College Premier, Kings School, Seawolf, Mountfort, NZ born 2000

29. Kobe Anitelea (2014-2020) Sacred Heart Premier/Juniors/Int, Seawolf, Mountfort, NZ born 2003

30. Joshua Antonivich (2015-2019) Kings College Premier, Seawolf

31. Mikayla Antonivich (2013-2015) Mountfort

32. Falcon Leasuasu (2015-2017) AGS, Mountfort

33. Felyx Leasuasu (2016-2017) Remuera Int, Mountfort

34. Lachlan Tugaga-Rogers (2015-2017) Howick College, Mountfort

35. Adam Tamati (2014-2019) Sacred Heart Seniors, St Kent School, Seawolf, Mountfort

36. Johnny Mayerhofler (2015-2019) St Peters, Mountfort

37. Maria Mayerhofler (2013-2017) Mountfort

Mary's Dream

I had a dream, Joseph. I don’t understand it, not really, but I think it was about a birthday celebration for our Son. I think that was what it was all about. The people had been preparing for it for about six weeks. They had decorated the house and bought new clothes. They’d gone shopping many times and bought elaborate gifts. It was peculiar, though, because the presents weren’t for our Son.

They wrapped them in beautiful paper and tied them with lovely bows and stacked them under a tree. Yes, a tree, Joseph, right in their house. They’d decorated the tree also. The branches were full of glowing balls and sparkling ornaments. There was a figure on the top of the tree. It looked like an angel might look. Oh, it was beautiful. Everyone was laughing and happy.

They were all excited about the gifts. They never mentioned His name. Doesn’t it seem odd for people to go to all that trouble to celebrate someone’s birthday if they don’t know Him? I had the strangest feeling that if our Son had gone to this celebration He would have been intruding. Everything was so beautiful, Joseph, and everyone so happy, but it made me want to cry. How sad for Jesus – not to be wanted at His own birthday party. I’m glad it was only a dream. How terrible, Joseph, if it had been real.

Jesus came to reshape human society and to create a new order in the world, the reign of God. He assisted many miraculous healings during his time on Earth and these were a sign of what Jesus came to accomplish. Jesus didn’t show off his power. Nor did he go around healing every sick person in the world. He is preaching through signs that show what the reign of God is like. He has shown us the future and calls to us in part to bring it about. Even though we can’t perform miracles, we can join in the Lord’s work through acts of kindness, forgiveness and peace. These signs change the world for the better and help reveal the reign of God.

Christmas is less than two weeks away and there is a spirit of friendship in the air that actually makes it easier to reach out to others. No one would think it strange that out of the blue we touched another person’s life with a simple note, a Christmas card, a phone call, a visit, a kind gift, a word asking for forgiveness or giving forgiveness.