4th Grade News

Mrs. Eberly's Class - May 13, 2016

Famous Hoosier Projects and Wax Museum

Students are plugging away on their Famous Hoosier projects! Research is done and they are working on organizing their notes in Writer's Notebooks. Some have moved on to beginning their speeches. PLEASE be checking in with your child to ask him/her how the project is going. We have been having ample time in the classroom to work on these, but there are students, unfortunately, choosing not to use that time. Your support of this project with your child will be important to its success! We are aiming to have speeches completed by next WENESDAY, MAY 18. This leaves 5 days for practicing and memorizing (at school and at home) the speech by TUESDAY, MAY 24th for our Wax Museum! If students aren't getting work done, they should be working on it at home. Students should also be looking for costumes/clothes to help them dress in character for their Hoosier. If you, or anyone you know, have any items that could be loaned out to assist our classmates (clothes, wigs, props, etc) please let me know!

We have the following Famous Hoosiers being represented:

Michael Jackson (musician)

Katie Douglas (WNBA)

Harvey Weir Cook (combat ace pilot)

Peyton Manning (football)

Larry Bird (basketball)

Reggie Miller (basketball)

Jenna Fischer (actress)

Jeff Gordon (NASCAR)

Colonel Sanders (KFC)

Johnny Appleseed (legend)

Tony Stewart (NASCAR)

Amelia Earhart (pilot)

Abraham Lincoln (16th president)

Jeremy Camp (musician)

John Wooden (basketball/coach)

Chief Little Turtle

Levi Coffin (abolitionist)

Florence Henderson (actress)

Crystal Gale (musician)

William Conner (founder of Connersville)

Orville Redenbacher (popcorn)


Bill Blass (designer)

Jim Gaffigan (comedian)

Jim Davis (cartoonist)

Eliza Blaker (educator)

MAP Testing - Almost Done!

We have taken two of our three MAP tests this week, Reading and Math. Next week we will finish up with our Language test!

Mile Run

Next week during PE class, students will be running the mile...as long as the weather cooperates. Tuesday and Thursday are our PE days, so be sure your child comes to school prepared on those days (proper dress and shoes).

The "Summer Slide"

There are many things to look forward to about summer. Time at the pool, backyard barbecues, and campfires are just a few. Summer is a great time to relax and spend time with family. While I encourage families to relax and enjoy summer, summer can also be a time when academic skills are lost. This phenomenon is so common it even has a name. "Summer Slide" is the tendency for students to lose some academic gains made during the previous school year. The good news is that students who spend just 15-30 minutes a day reading and working on math skills can maintain their academic skills. There are many programs designed to combat the summer slide. Here are just a few:

Peabody Library Summer Reading Program - The Peabody Library sponsors an annual summer reading program encouraging students to read over the summer and rewarding them with coupons to local establishments.

LTES will host Kickin Back with Books Monday evenings from 5-7. Students will be able to check out guided reading books as well as books from the LTES library.

LTES is also participating in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. You should have received an email about this, as well as paper information last week. You can begin logging your child's reading minutes now!

Xtra Math - students can keep their computation skills sharp.

Moby Max - an online math, reading and science curriculum that finds and fixes "holes" in students' learning.

CK-12 has a daily online program for students to practice math and science skills.

Please take advantage of some of these wonderful programs to combat the summer slide!

FREE National and State Parks Pass

Indiana is celebrating its birthday by giving a present to 4th graders. Every fourth grader in Indiana can download a free state parks pass from everykidinapark.gov for free admission to any national or Indiana state park during 2016! With this pass, an entire car/family can enter the park for free.

Important Upcoming Dates

May 20 - Conner Prairie Field Trip

May 25 - Field Day

May 25 and 26 - LTES Book Fair

May 27 - Last Day of School!

July 18 - Online Registration Opens for 2016-2017 School Year