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January 19, 2016

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Teaching & Learning

Wednesday PD: Tomorrow we will continue our work on Switching the Ration of Student/Teacher Talk and learn how to develop structures, in our current curriculum frameworks, that increase student language output.

Japanese Math Lesson Study: 2nd & 3rd Grade teachers will meet from 3-4pm tomorrow to work on their Math Lesson Study lesson. Tuesday 1/26, all 2nd & 3rd grade teachers will be out for the lesson study observations.

Reclassifying AWE Students: We just received the results of the 2015-2016 CELDT scores and we have an opportunity to reclassify a substantial number of students this year if we can get them to pass the SRI. This is exciting news! Initially, we did not think are students did well enough on the CELDT; however, it looks like they did and the last hurdle for them is the SRI.

Schedule for Technology: Diana sent out the new computer schedule and the scope/sequence for technology learning content. Below are links to the two documents.

Schedule -

Scope -

Modified Prep Schedule: Below is the prep schedule for the next two weeks (January 18-29). The bright yellow blocks represents the switched preps. (See below)

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Lunch Time Switch:

TODAY is the first day of our new Lunch Schedule. Here is a link to the Lunch schedule

SRI & SMI Assessments Weeks: Below is a copy of the schedule for SMI/SRI Assessment Week. 2nd - 3rd grade teachers should think and have a plan for helping students prepare for the SRI assessment. SMI is still very new for us, and we will not review the data from this exam as a whole staff; however, I will send results from this test to classroom teachers.

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School Culture

January Core Value: Communication

Chants: SEI strand’s week

Leader of the Week: Bilingual strand’s week

MLK Oratorical: I sent out a spreadsheet for you to record the title of the reading your class will be doing. Please finalize this and fill in the document so we can give the information to judges and use it in the programs.

College & Career Day: Friday, March 18th 8:30-12:30. Please forward the ASK email out to anyone that you think would be interested in participating. We want to finalize the volunteers by Friday, February 26.

UNICEF Kid Power: Coach Mia is launching the UNICEF Kid Power this week (upper grade classes). It is our hope that this will encourage our students to become more active. They will be receiving the UNICEF Kid Power Bands, which allow the kids to earn points by going on missions and learning about new cultures. The points unlock funding from UNICEF partners and are used by UNICEF to deliver lifesaving packets of therapeutic food to severely malnourished children around the world.

81st Ave Library Celebration: The 81st Ave library is turning 5 years old on Saturday, Jan 30th, and to celebrate, they are throwing a party. Derrick wants to acknowledge the partnership with Acorn and EnCompass by having a student performance/exhibition on this day. There is time from 2:30-3:00pm for either showcasing students' artwork, students to give a short performance, or anything else which would be possible. Please let me know if you would be willing to have your students present during this celebration or have ideas as to how we can help make this day special.

Teacher Photos: We need a wallet-sized photo of all of you for the tree outside the office. Please put them in Evanne’s mailbox.

Birthday Potluck: (Elena, Emilio, Tigi) Weds. Feb. 3

Free Dress & Extended Recess: Friday Feb. 5th