All About Rocks!

By Tae Yeon

Information About Rocks

What is a Rock?
Rocks is a mineral material forming part of the surface of Earth. There are 3 types of Rocks which are Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks and Metamorphic Rocks.

Mind Map Of 3 Different Types Of Rocks

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Rock Cycle Diagram

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Information About Rock Cycle

In millions of years each rocks goes through all different process of rocks. As you can see from the Rock Cycle above, it tells you that all of the 3 types of rock goes through each process.
Rock Cycle never stops its journey! In million of years one rock will go throughout all different journeys and go back to where it first started.

Facts About Rocks

  • Earth's surface is made up of rocks.
  • Rocks are made out of minerals.
  • Rocks has been used by humans for million of years!