Grade One Curriculum Letter

Friday 14th Novemember 2014

Dear Parents,

We will exit our We are what we Eat Unit of Work, and launch our new unit Let’s Celebrate with our International Lunch on Monday!

Thank you in advance for helping us with the organization of this special lunch for our children. We are certain that they will thoroughly enjoy it, and it will enable them to think about foods from around the world and perhaps sample different flavours for the first time! Photos of the event will be included in next week’s Grade 1 newsletter.

These are our KEY LEARNING GOALS - (skills) for the next 6 weeks:

  • To be able to comment on their plans and products and suggest areas of improvement.

  • To be able to find out about aspects of the past from arrange of sources of information.

  • To be able to identify differences and similarities between their own lives and those of other people who have lived in the past.

  • To be able to use secondary sources to obtain simple geographical information.

Our key LEARNING TARGETS - the children will further their knowledge of:

  • celebrations that have taken place in their own lives and in those of

family members

  • how celebrations mark past events

  • the main past and present celebrations in their home and host countries

  • the products used in celebrations and their effect on people’s lives

  • the similarities and differences between the celebrations that children in the school experience

Our Personal Goal is Co-operation.

In History:

How people in our families celebrated in the recent past

How particular past events are still celebrated


How to use maps to locate the positions of home and host countries

How to use secondary sources to obtain simple geographical information


How to plan for a celebration

How to design and make a product for a celebration

ICT: In Grade 1 we will be continuing our unit ‘Working with Text & Images’

We will be using Microsoft Word to be creative with text, text boxes & images to create a Christmas card.

Children will become knowledgeable about:

  • The tools on Microsoft Word
  • Creative ways in which text, text boxes & images can be used

Children will develop the technical skills of:

  • Touch typing
  • Inserting text & text boxes
  • Formatting the size, style and colour of text & text boxes
  • Inserting, moving and resizing images
  • Copying& pasting images from the internet
  • Saving, retrieving& printing our work

PE: In PE we will be beginning a new unit of Swimming and Floor Hockey. In Swimming we will be learning basic stroke technique and elements of water safety. We will be learning swimming vocabulary and skills related to the SJI swim awards.

In Floor Hockey the students will

• be introduced to stick and ball control, passing and shooting

• use simple rules in game situations

• begin to use appropriate movement in defence and attack

• understand principles of safe activity in hockey


In Art we will be linking to the classroom unit titled Celebrations. We will be exploring forms of art used in celebrations around the world. Children will become knowledgeable about a variety of art used in celebrations, including 2D and 3D forms, their origins and their purpose within the celebrations. To help with this project, we will develop skills in designing, evaluating our work and improving our art with suggestions.

In Music, we will be continuing our performance unit, Gentle Beasts. The children will be learning about different styles of music and how to develop their speaking, singing, and presentation skills as they prepare for their Christmas performance of Gentle Beasts. Throughout this unit we will be developing our singing skills: learning how to control our voice and sing with accurate pitch and tempo.

After the Christmas holidays we will begin a new specialist unit entitled 'Peter and the Wolf'. The children will be learning about the instruments of the orchestra through the music and story of Peter and the Wolf. Throughout this unit we will be developing our knowledge of instruments name and sounds.

In Chinese, we will be working on Unit 3: My School, and we will:

• Learn about the facilities in the school

• Learn to describe the different activities that take place in the various

venues in the school

Our International focus will be on:

• What is the same and what is different between the celebrations in the home countries of the different children in our class

• How to work and celebrate with each other

In Language Arts we will be:

Continuing functional writing

Beginning an Author Study

In Mathematics we will be learning about:

  • Length

  • Data Handling

Calling Parents!

To further enhance the children’s interest in the ideas of this theme. It would be wonderful if some parents could come into class and talk to the children about a celebration /festival from your Home Country and also share your personal childhood experiences of celebrating this event. You will be warmly welcomed so please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to take part.

By the end of the unit, we hope your child will achieve all of the learning targets. We are sure they will have an enjoyable time in the classroom as we get stuck into this new and exciting unit.

Kind Regards,

The Grade One Team