Christmas in The Philippines

How They Celebrate Christmas In The Philippines


In Philippines they celebrate christmas 9 days before it becomes Christmas. They go to masses that are called Misa De Gallo. In mass some people are chosen to act Joseph and Mary's search for shelter.

Christmas celebrations involve costumes that are from movies or christmasy costumes. They often have to do singing and other performances. They also sing happy birthday because it is Jesus's birthday.

Sometimes in christmas a group of children goes to neighbourhoods and sings christmas carols to earn money or get free food. they use to buy their own gift and for their family.


In Philippines they make 3-D parols or star lanterns. They ar made from thin strips of bamboo and they are covered in coloured thin plastic to symbolise the guiding star that the three wise men followed to find Jesus. It is also the Filipinos way of inviting the holy spirit in their home.


Filipino people mostly eat lechon which is roast pig. They always put an apple in the pigs mouth. They also eat pansit which is noodles.

Gift Bearer

In the Philippines their gift bearer is Santa Claus. For Christmas parties parents in Philippines

usually dress up as Santa Claus. As presents they mostly get clothes and toys.

Merry Christmas In Filipino Language

In Australia they say Merry Christmas but in Philippines they say it Maligayang Pasko.
Philippines - 2010 Christmas in Manila / Pasko sa Manila 2010