September 7th - September 11th

This week at Icahn 4

Important information 9/7 - 9/11

First Day of school logistics:

  • Please meet students downstairs for the first day of school by 8:20 (All out of classroom teachers please come early to help with crowd control.
  • Kindergarten teachers please be downstairs by 8:00am to begin receiving your students., lunch for them is at 10:30 and dismissal is at 12pm. Parents will be escorted to the lower library for an orientation from 12 - 1.
  • Please read over the bus list carefully. Students who are taking the bus will line up on the first floor next to their bus stop sign. There will be a staff member waiting for them to take their attendance.

Middle school first day of school logistics:
  • Students are to be instructed to take stairwell A when transferring between classes and all teachers should stand by their doors to await the arrival of the following class.
  • All teachers are responsible for escorting their class to lunch and picking them up afterwards.
  • Until the Specials Program begins you will keep the class you have 8th period until the end of 9th period.

Safety Protocols:

  • ID badges must be worn in the building at all times
  • door should be locked and you should have your keys on you at all times
  • Please review the safety procedures and look over your evacuation plans


  • Please be on time picking up your students from breakfast (8:25) & lunch (12:30). K-4 drops off at the gym and picks up in the yard; 5-8 drops off in the yard and picks up from the cafeteria.
  • Please make sure that all teachers are receiving their full prep period (all teachers need to be on time leaving their classrooms for their prep and return on time. Please remember that failure to do so affects your colleagues).

Unit Plans:

  • Please take some time to divide your resources in the shared dropbox for your grade by Marking Period. In your Marking Period folder, divide resources and Unit Plans by subject. In the subject folder create a folder for assessments. The first unit Plan is due on September 16th.
  • When in doubt go to livebinder!

Monday, September 7th

School Closed
  • Labor Day

TUESDAY, September 8th

Professional Development 9:00 - 4:00:

  • LATI classroom (Upper Library)

Good Luck tomorrow!

You all are amazing educators! I am grateful to have you as my staff and I am wishing us all a safe and memorable first day of school! Thank you to you all for creating amazingly warm and cozy places for students to learn and grow!

WEDNESDAY, September 9th

  • First Day of School
  • Kindergarten: Lunch @ 10:30, dismissal at 12, parent orientation from 12-1
  • ALL TA teachers please meet me in the conference room at 9:30
  • Staff meeting in conference room 4:00 - 4:30

THURSDAY, September 10th


  • Full day

Lunch Meeting Grades 6-8:

  • Xposure After School program

NED Show K - 8 performance (Back to school motivational performance):

  • Cafeteria @ 2:00

FRIDAY, September 11th

Math Baselines:

  • Grades K-4

Please have a moment of silence in the morning in memory of the victims of 9/11.

Upcoming Weeks: September 14th - September 18th & September 21St - September 25th

September 14th - 18th (i-Ready testing window opens/closes 10/2):

Monday 9/14: School Closed (Rosh Hashanah)

Tuesday 9/15: School Closed (Rosh Hashanah)

Wednesday 9/16: Science Fusion training (Grades 6-8; 9am -11am), (3-5; 11am - 1pm) & (K-2: 1pm - 3pm); Move this World Staff Meeting (Icahn 4 & 5) 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Thursday 9/17: Back to School Night 5:30 - 7:00

Friday 9/18: TBD

September 21St - September 25th (i-Ready testing window):

Monday 9/21: TBD

Tuesday 9/22: TBD

Wednesday 9/23: School Closed (Yom Kippur)

Thursday 9/24: School Closed (Eid al-Adha)

Friday 9/25: TBD

September 28th - October 2nd:

Monday 9/28: Weekly Writer Webinar K-2

Tuesday 9/29: TBD

Wednesday 9/30: Weekly Writer Webinar 3-5

Thursday 10/1: TBD

Friday 10/2: Weekly Writer Webinar 6-8; i-Ready Window closed

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