Ethnic conflict

Jared Bockemehl and Saif Ali

Background information and early fighting

Chechnya had an ethnic conflict between the Russians and the Muslims inside of Russia. The conflict was caused by discrimination victimizing the Muslims by the christian state of the Russians. This conflict has been around for over half a century (1858 and has been escalating to the point of genocidal relations, including torture and mass killings. These killings forced mass graves to be created. In October 2005, clashes between the rebels and the Russians kill at least 20 in Nalchik, the capital of the North Caucasus Tepoublic of Kabardina-Balkaira. On a global scale practically no one was affected but on a regional and local scale most of the neighborhoods were demolished and the Russians invoked fear into the heart of non-christian civilians inside of Russia.

Other cool facts

-In 1994 the Russians go on with a poorly planned attack on the Chechens expecting an easy victory but the Chechens retaliate with extreme forces.

- in 1995 the Chechens captured civilians in a hospital and then killed all of them. Russians sent out commandos but the mission was a failure.

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