Cleopatra VII

The Last Pharaoh of Egypt

Years in Power: 323 BCE - 30 BCE

Family Life

Husband: Marc Antony

Children with Marc Antony: Alexander Helios, Cleopatra Selene, Ptolemy Philadelphus, Child with Julius Caesar: Caesarion


Cleopatra and Antony combined armies to try and defeat Octavian but were defeated and fled back to Egypt. Antony returned to the battlefield and is falsely informed that Cleopatra is dead and then committed suicide by stabbing himself with his own sword. Following Antony's death, Cleopatra committed suicide by getting bitten on her breast by an Egyptian cobra called an asp. After Cleopatra's death Egypt gets taken over by the Roman Empire.

What is the most remembered thing about Cleopatra?

She is remembered as a seductress because of all the myths and misconceptions about her, she is thought of to be a great beauty and from this misconception grew stories about her make up, perfumes, beauty rituals etc.

Was Cleopatra beautiful?

Many historians say she was very masculine looking, this can be backed up by images of the Queen that have been unearthed through the statues and coins of that era. Beautiful or not she was definitely the most tactful and intelligent leader of her time. she acquired the throne at the age of 18, following the demise of her father and remained the ruler until death. She married two of her brothers and was involved in the murder of two of her siblings, one brother and one sister, to safeguard the throne for her and her son, Caesarion. In a male dominated society, Cleopatra not only managed to hold the country together but served as a powerful leader as any of her male counterparts.