Super High Me

Christian Rios

Super High Me -- Trailer


The documentary, "Super High Me", directed by Michael Blieden, highlights the pros and cons of smoking marijuana for a prolonged period of time.
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Defining the Purpose

The purpose of this film was to find out and inform the audience of the real effects of marijuana on the human body. The film stars stand up comedian Doug Benson, who avoids smoking for 30 days, then consumes massive amounts of marijuana for the next 30. The documentary inspects the highly debated topic of marijuana use and that the consequences of using marijuana are not as dire as people make them seem.

Achieving the Purpose

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This film had an impact on me because I want to go into the medical field and in America, the legalization for medical marijuana is on the rise. I am for the use of medical marijuana for people who are in need of it and I feel that it could be a great thing for patients. Most people who are against the use of marijuana are either not educated enough, or are just too stubborn to want to learn about the pros of the substance. Marijuana, if used correctly, can be a great substitute for prescription drugs that doctors prescribe to their patients. If people are willing to learn about the good things marijuana can do, we can provide a brilliant medicine for patients and people in need.