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Zeta Chi - Fall 2018 Edition


2018 Karnea - Zeta Chi Alumni Recognized

Karnea - the greatest of all Delt events - happened August 1-5 in St.Louis, Missouri. Zeta Chi Brothers in attendance included (pictured from left) Director of Volunteer Recruitment Bentley Anderson, Chapter Advisor Jeff Keyseear, Western Plains Division Vice President Jason Brigman, Chapter President Hayes Sanders, Vice President of Recruitment Hector Talavera, and Charlie Johnson (not pictured).

Both Jeff Keyseear and Jason Brigman were recognized with Bill Fraering Award - an award named after former International President Bill Fraering- recognizing outstanding service to Delta Tau Delta. Only 85 men have received this award prior to Jason and Jeff's citation.

We are excited to announce the Inaugural ­JDRF Volleyball Tournament to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The event is scheduled for Friday November 2, 2018 at 4:00 PM in the Payne Center on the Hattiesburg Campus! All alumni are welcome to attend! We are also hosting an online auction with some incredible items.

Items included:

-Autographed Drew Brees Jersey

-Bourbon Street Balcony Rental for up to 85 guests

-IP Casino/Resort 1 night stay $100 restaurant certificate

-Ritz Carlton New Orleans 1 night stay and breakfast for 2

-Revo Guide II Dark Tortoise sunglasses (new)

You can also donate by clicking the donate button - no amount is too small and all proceeds benefit JDRF. Auction ends November 3rd so bid high and bid often.

A Lifetime of Service

A familiar face for more than 3 decades of Zeta Chi men - and a mentor of all former Treasurers - Brother Jim Galjour has retired as the House Corporation President and Financial Advisor. Initiated in 1986, Jim has personified what it means to be a "Good Delt", devoting countless hours of his time and talent to the financial inner workings of the chapter. He was recognized as the chapter's first recipient of the "Jim Galjour Unsung Hero" award in 2005 and sets a standard of excellence in volunteerism for generations of alumni volunteers who follow.

Homecoming 2018:

Celebration of Service:

Zeta Chi will host a special Alumni Dinner on Friday October 19th at 7pm at the Shelter. The dinner will honor Alumni Service. If you are local to Hattiesburg - happen to find yourself in town for homecoming - please stop by the Shelter Friday evening. Make plans today if you haven't already! Tickets are still available for the game!

Homecoming Dance Winners!

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We are proud to announce that Zeta Chi took home first place Tuesday night in the annual Homecoming Dance with this years theme being "Sweet Home Southern Miss"! They did an absolutely incredible job!

CF "Run for Breath" 2018

Our annual Cystic Fibrosis “Run for Breath” 5k was held March 24, 2018. With the help of the ladies of Delta Gamma, we have raised $30,300 for CF in 2018! This brings up one step closer to making CF mean “Cure Found”. We sincerely thank all the alumni who continue to donate their time and talents to this cause.

Fall 2018 Recruitment - Brotherhood Sustains Us

Zeta Chi's recruitment efforts secured 10 new members. Our new members are pictures in the front row from left to right.

Top Row: Jarmil Townsend, Kasey Niemi, Tadarious McCollum "TD", Caleb Gowens, Faulkner Cunningham.

Bottom Row: Brody Hebert, Gaven Folks, Andrew Singleton, Clay Mintor, Chris Nix.

Initiation is scheduled for Saturday November 17th at 8pm. All alumni are invited and encouraged to attend.

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Philanthropy/Community Service

Zeta Chi has participated in numerous philanthropic and community service this year. Some of these events include: Pike's Fireman Challenge (1st place) Pi Phi's Wing Ching, Phi Mu's Bonnamu, Tri Delt's Triple Play, Delta Gamma's King Neptune (2nd Place) and continuing our long history of cleaning up our section of Highway 49.

Delts Around Campus

  • Hunter Martin


  • Michael Matrick - Executive Director of Communications


  • Michael Matrick


  • Scott McMullan
  • Michael Matrick


  • Harrison Cunningham - VP of Public Relations

New Member Spotlight: Brody Hebert

"I grew up just down the road in Waynesboro, Mississippi. I was raised on Southern Miss Football and fell in love with the place ever since. I’m a Kinesiology Major with hopes of eventually achieving my dream of being an Orthopedic Surgeon. I rushed Delt because I love the atmosphere here; there's truly nothing like it. There’s a true brotherhood here and it is easily seen as soon as you step foot into this house. There’s no stereotypes, no groups of people that are the same, it’s just one true unit that I would love to be able to call my family."

Alumni Spotlight: Bentley Anderson

Brother Bentley Anderson (2009) began employment at Delta Tau Delta Fraternity in July 2016 as the Director of Volunteer Recruitment. In that role, his primary responsibility is the identification and training of new volunteers and the development of curriculum and resources to facilitate training.

We recently reached out to Bentley to discuss his role and thoughts about volunteer service. Not only is he the first Zeta Chi to hold a director position at the Central Office, but he is also the first person to hold this position. In explaining the creation of the position, he shared: “The Arch Chapter and office leadership realized that past conversation about alumni had only focused on the most engaged alumni. This was missing the population of alumni who are not as well engaged. More support was needed in order to focus on recruiting and training volunteers and making sure there are good mentors available to undergraduates and fellow alum who need them… that’s my focus.”

With right at two years of work under his belt, Bentley is proud of the progress made and optimistic for the future. When asked about accomplishments, he says “The Fraternity has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of chapters who do not have advisors. We have a streamlined system of onboarding advisors and providing the training necessary to be effective. More successes are on the way as we roll out an online learning module and revamp our resources. I will be closely involved with developing and rolling out that curriculum.”

While Bentley’s love for our fraternity is well known among his brothers and peers, he admitted that he never expected to work for Delta Tau Delta. During his service as a member of the Undergraduate Council, he gained a better understanding of how the fraternity works, which led him to seek employment with the Central Office. Ultimately, his passion is invested in ensuring a generation of less engaged alumni “come home” to the fraternity. “For both young and old alumni, remember that your undergraduate experience doesn’t dictate what you do as a volunteer – there are plenty of ways to get involved regardless of what you did when you were an undergraduate.” Remembering a fellow Zeta Chi brother: “A good example is David Mora. He is one of Zeta Chi’s most engaged alumni, yet he only spent one semester as an active member before he graduated. I asked David once, ‘why are you so involved considering your brief experience’ and David’s answer was, ‘when I took the oath I meant it.’” This example gives Bentley purpose: “I view my job as helping people remember that.”

In conclusion, we asked Bentley if he had any words of wisdom for brothers who have considered getting involved again. He shared this: “The Fraternity isn’t tribal – we welcome volunteers regardless of where you are, even if you are a recent graduate – there is plenty to be involved in.” He says, “I joke a lot when prospective advisors ask me, ‘what does an advisor do?’ to which I respond, ‘ideally nothing’. The chapter belongs to undergrads. An advisor can be most effective by knowing the right questions to ask, developing a relationship with the leaders and members, and many may be surprised by what the undergrads learn through that style of advising. No one likes to be talked at or lectured to in this kind of setting. We generally find our young brothers are more responsive and have more buy in when mentors approach them from this perspective. Lastly, if alumni are on the fence about getting more involved, I’d encourage them to jump in and reconnect with the Fraternity. They may be surprised by how rewarding it can be.”

Notice of Chapter Eternal

William James Smith - Passed to Chapter Eternal June 12, 2018

Chris Overman - Passed to Chapter Eternal September 15, 2017

James "Jimmy" Shepard - Passed to Chapter Eternal March 17, 2017

Marvin "Lee" Lamnon - Passed to Chapter Eternal December 14, 2016

If we have missed a brother who has passed to the chapter eternal recently, please let us know.

A Young Life of Excellence

Will and I met in 2006 in 5th grade; we shared many classes from that time forward and became best friends. We came to college together, rushed the same fraternity, and even lived together twice. We were supposed to take over and conquer every obstacle that was placed before us. Our friendship embodied loyalty, love, respect, charisma, and adventure. For Will, growing up wasn’t the easiest but he never let that show and would never let it define him. He lived with his grandparents most of his life and worked very hard every day, whether it was at his home or at work. At Southern Miss, Will flourished as a person, a student, and a worker. He juggled full time work, full time classes and active membership in Delt, managing to earn his bachelors of business one semester early. His life took some tragic turns in late 2017. His Aunt passed away in his family home after falling. Will did not show sadness but instead took what had happened in stride and went out of his way to better himself and others around him after it. A few weeks before he walked at graduation, his mother passed away from heart failure. This took a toll on Will – but he continued to work extremely hard and try and make things better. Will wanted to make it in the business world and was going to do everything he could to earn his place and make a mark in the community. That was his ultimate goal in life- to be successful. The tragedy that he faced only made him hungrier for success. Will never let bad things drag him down, but instead would use them as a way to grow and become more successful. He founded Boone Software, a local software business and also work as a manager at Marlins Bar and Grill. Will did everything he could at those jobs to make a profit and for the betterment of the business. His character would best be defined as a man who truly walked in the principles of Deltism. He was truly committed to creating a life of excellence for himself, those around him and those who followed. Will’s dedication to hardwork and commitment to success is a charge for Zeta Chi brothers who follow and future Delts. Live every day to its fullest; be your best. Will’s footsteps in the Fraternity will echo forever in eternity in the halls of Zeta Chi and will be among the highest honored in the Chapter Eternal.

To you, Will, my brother, my best friend, and my brain I say goodbye; until we meet again.

ZX 388, Jackson Dyer

Housing Discussions Continue

The topic of new greek housing has been discussed at Southern Miss for as long as most of us have been Delts. Southern Miss took ownership of all fraternity housing in the 90's as a means of debt management and to ensure proper care and maintenance. It was recently discovered that the "debt" carried by the houses will be "paid in full" in the next 18 months. An exploratory committee has been formed at the direction of university administration. The purpose of this committee is to consider the feasibility of each group resuming care and maintenance of their respective shelters as owners. Sid Gonsoulin will represent Zeta Chi on this committee and will be exploring multiple options and scenarios. This endeavor presents a potential need for the engagement of alumni talent and assistance. Further communications will be made as these conversations occur.

Contact Us:

- President: Hayes Sanders (601-467-6252)

- Vice President: Hunter Martin (251-752-9979)

- Advisor: Jeff Keyseear (601-424-1123)