North Eastern Business Alliance

Meeting Minutes and Opportunities for Involvement

November Opportunities for Involvement

Heritage HS -

Mon. 11/28: Need 4 volunteers for a career panel from 8:00-9:00am.
Tues. 11/29: Need 4 volunteers for a career panel 8:00-9:00am
Wed. 11/30: Need 8 volunteers to review student resumes from 1:00-2:00pm.
Thu. 12/1: Need 8 volunteers for Mock Interviewers from 1:00-2:00pm.
Fri. 12/2: Need business and college professionals for career fair 8:00-11:00.

November 13: Stop Hunger Now with HHS Project Wisdom & Wellspring Church from 9:00am-12:00pm. If you would like to volunteer, contact Dawn Beaster at 919-570-5600 ext. 20654 or

November 17: Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy Lab 2 from 2:30-3:30pm in the Media Center. If you would like to assist in leading a group of students, please contact Dawn Beaster at 919-570-5600 ext. 20654 or

Wakefield HS -

On Friday, November 18th, Wakefield High School will host a personal finance event entitled the Reality of Money sponsored by the State Employees’ Credit Union. We need volunteers to help make this a learning experience for their students. During the activity students learn, as they participate, about the impact their choices make on their budget and lifestyle as they are “transformed” into wage earning, bill paying and financially independent young adults.”

There are two available sessions to register for (7:15-10:15 & 10:00-12:00). There will be a brief orientation for the activity conducted by SECU representatives before each session. During this time, there will be an explanation of what will take place. Volunteers will staff various expense stations, such as housing, childcare and groceries, to help students make decisions on how much to spend. SECU has a YouTube video available to give you a preview of what the simulation looks like.

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November Meeting Minutes

Northeastern Business Alliance Minutes

November 9, 2016

Jenny Peacock started the meeting and welcomed everyone. She began by giving us the dates of the upcoming meetings which are January 11, February 8, March 1, April 5, and May 10. There will be no meeting in December because we are having the Wake Forest Youth Connect on December 14.

Our annual Leadership Conference at the Southeastern Baptist Seminary will be March 9. She reminded business alliance members that they can participate in the civic and college fair and networking lunch.

She also needed any business alliance new contact information and reminded them of the mail chimp and that we have NERBA business cards that will be distributed soon.

Principals announcements:

Heritage Middle School – Congratulate Sophia Klingensmith and Brooke Willse who represented HMS in the State Honors Chorus this past weekend in Winston Salem. 8th grade students are going to UNC Chapel Hill on November 17. We just had a Health and Wellness Career Fair on October 20. We also collected money for Juvenile Diabetes and students went to the JDRF Walk in Raleigh on October 22 and we had a Kids Walk at school during Health and PE classes.

Wakefield High School – Mistletoe Market coming up with arts and craft show with vendors for a PTA fundraiser.

Wake Forest Middle School – Had mock trials. Collected can food for Salvation Army for Fall Festival. Angel Tree fundraiser is coming up soon. Students visited four colleges—Louisburg College, UNC Chapel Hill and NC State.

Wake Forest High School – Students just finished mock interviews for college scholarship and careers. DECA role playing is Monday and Tuesday next week. If anyone is interested, please sign up. It will be 1:50-3:10 p.m. SGA is having a tube sock donation drive for the homeless. Reality of Money is November 29 in the gym. Partnering with State Employees Credit Union. If you are interested in participating, contact Susan Tyson.

Other events – Eat at Miltons Pizza on Tuesday following the Thanksgiving break. This fundraiser is for the Leo Club Bowling for the Blind. On March 18, Dinner in the Dark fundraiser for Governors Moorehead School for Blind - $12.

VFW have a Patriots Pen Contest for all high schools in the area. Winners will get a $30,000 scholarship. Contact Al Hinton of American Legion. Other awards are Voice of Democracy for elementary schools, Teacher of the Year for elementary, middle and high schools, Police of the Year, Fireman of the Year. There will be a memorial service on Friday, November 11 at 11:00 a.m. They are also interested in having any young veterans at the schools to join the American Legion, Marine Corp Legion and VFW.

Renaissance Center has performed at Wake Forest High School (Chuck Davis Acting Dance Ensemble) and Heritage Middle School (Voice of Transition).

It is suggested that the schools let the businesses know if they are having any fundraisers or donations that businesses can participate in. It was also suggested that it be placed on the website and/or emailed to business alliance members.

Wake Forest Youth Connect

Government will be at the Town Hall. Dawn Beaster is coordinating. Five out 6 panelist have been confirmed. She is also getting volunteers for the interview for her location.

Economics will be at The Cotton Company. Sarah Joyner is coordinating. Two members from Town Planning are confirmed.

Arts will be at The Renaissance Center. Susan Tyson is coordinating. Wake Forest High School students from theatre will bel performing why the arts is important. There will be round-table discussions.

Athletics will be at Brook Street Bowling. Brenda Stevens is coordinating. Three out of five panelists are confirmed.

We are looking for volunteers to do the mock job interviews. There will be interviewers at each location. The interviews will take place from 11:50-12:50. Students will complete a survey and a thank you card after their interview or while waiting for their interview.


We need $1,800. We have $347. Mr. Jerose and Kiwanis donated $300 last year. Students will be billed $5 per meal. Mr. Day would like for someone to help with a GoFundMe page.

We met at our tables to discuss Arts, Athletics and Mock Interviews.

We will discuss the mission statement at our next meeting. Jenny will send the link to the mission statement.

Meeting as adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Rosalynn Tennie

Wake Forest Youth Connect

Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 8am

301 Brooks Street

Wake Forest, NC

We are still seeking interviewers to assist with the mock interviews for Wake Forest Youth Connect. Please contact Rosalyn Tennie at if you are interested in participating.