botanical printing garment making

July 10-19, 2019 Irit Dulman&Shahaf Shriki

botanical print/textile design and garment making - 9 days

In this masterclass we are going to introduce to the whole process of making a garment from your own botanical print fabrics and textile design.

You will study with two teachers. Irit Dulman (textile artist) and Shahaf Shriki (designer, dressmaker) both from Israel.


10-14 July 2019 (5days) - Irit

15 July 2019 – one day rest/free for all of us

16-17 July 2019 - Irit/Shahaf parallel - working on pattern, toile and dyeing fabric for garment

18-19 July 2019 – Shahaf – finishing garment

With Irit you will learn how to prepare different mordants and how to mordant your fabrics. You will learn how to print with leaves, flowers, bark in combination with different natural dyes. On the first couple of days you are going to work on small samples, experiment with the leaves and getting to know them. You will analyse the results and identify potentials. Than you will take it to an higher level focusing on a particular result and re-produce it on an bigger scale of fabric. Special attention will be on lay out of leaves and compositions and how to get a wide and interesting plate of colours and shades from the leaves and the dyes.

In the last 4 days in parallel small groups in you are going to work with Shahaf. You will start with an idea of your desire garment, learn how to draw your ideas, how to translate it to technical pattern by taking your measurements and drawing your pattern. When your garment is clear than you are going to take your textile samples and work with it in a relationship with your garment.

there will be some homework and there will be a printed booklet about the garment-theory

work on your own level

No special knowledge is needed. In the Botanical part of the workshop you will learn everything from the start. In the garment/sewing part each one with his own level can increase their knowledge and take it to another level. Project and complicity of garments will be given according to your own level.
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About Irit Dulman

Irit Dulman works in her studio in Givatayim, just outside TLV, but her inspiration seems to lack borders of time and place. Her colours, textures and designs are sensually bold, seductive, introvert as well as daring. There is nothing obvious in her work, for it has it’s own reason and feminine insight


All workshops are being taught in Dutch and/or English. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses.

disclamer : Images are not exemplary of products that will be exactly made by participants

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