Absolut Vanilla Cola

absolut brand extension

We are introducing our new absolut vanilla cola

The product franchise known as “Absolut” is in production for having a connection with the substance known as “cola”. As the manager of the Absolut franchise it is my pleasure to announce our new Vodka product, which will have a mixture of the substance of Vodka itself, along with cola in one contained can.

our objectives

The new Absolut product will contain 2/5 of Vodka and 3/5 of cola and can be served from the bottle like it would be made manually. Our objective is to avoid the hassle of needing to buy a cola substance and as well as a can of Absolut Vodka, which will eliminate the need of yourself or bartenders at local liquor shops, nightclubs and pubs to have to create the drink themselves. This will increase business and time management of a bartender due to the drink being already made and avoiding the hassle of impatient customers waiting for their drink.

primary and secondary target market

We are planning to release this product to the public through nightclub bars, pubs and liquor stores. The primary target of this product is aiming towards impatient drinkers at pubs and nightclubs, which prefer to have their drink made quicker than having to wait for a bartender to make their cocktail, due to the fact that this product will be easier and quicker to serve. The secondary aim towards influencing this product to the public is to implement it towards liquor stores and some restaurants which authorize liquor in order for impatient customers, which don’t want to have the hassle to buy both a cola substance as well as the vodka itself.