Whats important to me


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This is about the things i like doing. I like carp fishing, ginseng hunting , and i like ford vehicles. I go carp fishing almost every day and i have got perrty good at is over the past 5 years but i still aint the best but i have a good time doing it and i have alot of friends there. I love ford trucks especially the diesels i have a 1986 f150 and a 94 f250 and my dad has a 05 f150 and a 92 f150
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People who inspire me

  • parents
  • josh
  • zach
  • papaw

Things about me

  • tall
  • hunting
  • ford
  • trucks
  • fishing

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7.3 powerstroke rollin coal
Dark Knight Powerstroke is back from paint!
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