Holy Cross Thunderbolt Newsletter

February 23 , 2022

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Holy Cross Catholic School guides each student in developing academic, emotional and physical excellence while spreading the Gospel message as Jesus did, since 1868.
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One Foot In Front Of The Other - With Our Hope In Jesus

This winter my husband and I celebrated twenty years of marriage. Although I enjoy reflecting and focusing on all the wonderful and joyous memories together over those years, it can be said that our faith has certainly been tested under waves of chaos and storms and under the weight and pressures of life.

It would be amazing to have a life full of happy times only, but we have to believe that it’s in the fire, the trials, and the storms of life that we are truly strengthened. We can choose to rise above the chaos or allow hopelessness and despair to overtake us.

Our faith in Jesus Christ has given us hope to remain steadfast because we know He is faithful. This hope is what has been our anchor through all.

This anchor is what holds us to our trust and faith in the Lord. Hope isn’t something that can be created or conjured up. Sure, we can give ourselves a pep-talk when we are feeling down or be encouraged by a friend to keep putting one foot in front of the other, but true hope is given to us by the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit,

Fill our hearts with a hope that can only come from heaven.

Help us fix our eyes on eternity and give us the boldness to share the Gospel with others so they would know of this hope too. Thank You for never leaving us in our weakness and for strengthening us with Your grace each day.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

On The Calendar

1/24-3/27 - Tundra Tales Reading Program - Log Your Reading Minutes

2/25 - HCCS Talent Show - 10:00

2/25 - Early Dismissal (11:30) - Teacher Inservice - END OF 2ND TRIMESTER

3/2 - Ash Wednesday


3/4 - Student-Led Stations of the Cross - 2:00 at Church

3/10 - Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences

3/11 - Early Dismissal - Afternoon Parent-Teacher Conferences

Enroll Early for 2022-23!

Enrollment Fee incentives are offered when enrolling early!

$100 – February 7-28, 2022

$125 – Beginning March 1, 2022

The nonrefundable enrollment fee is per family.


Tuition Credit

Holy Cross is looking for more great families like yours! Referring a family can earn you tuition credit! From now through August 1, 2022, for each new family that you refer to Holy Cross, you are eligible to receive a $300 tuition credit for the 2022-23 School Year. When a new family enrolls at Holy Cross, completes the form and mentions that they were referred by you, your family will receive a $300 tuition credit. So talk it up and share what you love about HCCS with other families!

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Let's Stay Healthy!

Please remember that if your child is exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19, including sniffles, cough, stomach ache, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. he/she should stay home for 24 hours from symptoms (without medication). Testing for COVID-19 should still be considered.

Frequent reviews and updates to our Holy Cross COVID Site Plan are monitored and provided as necessary.


Thank you for your cooperation and diligence!

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PreSchool Weather Practice

3rd Grade Students Examine Motion And Design In Science

Fifth Grade Students Collaborate With Middle School Students

5th and 6th graders started their combo activity of Story
Cubes. To begin they partnered up to do a team-building activity of
back-to-back drawing. Then, they were broken up into four groups for
Story Cubes. Each group rolled 8 dice that has actions or objects on
each side. Groups need to use the actions/objects they rolled to
create a plot map and skit of their story. It is our hope that be
doing these collaborative projects the transition to middle school
will be a bit easier.


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Fourth Grade Paper Mache Animal Masks