Room 32 News September 2016

Schultz's 2nd Grade Super Stars


In reading, we have been settling into our small group Language Arts rotations, learning routines, and building work stamina. Our specific skills for fiction this month, focus on identifying characters, setting, and story plot. What is the problem and solution of the story?

We are reading our first non-fiction story this week and are practicing finding the main idea & supporting details. This can be a little tricky. I compare it to seeing a movie and telling a friend about the movie. You want to give them the "big picture" idea but don't want to give away the smaller details. We will be revisiting these key concepts throughout the year.

Weekly Spelling: Just to clarify...on Mondays, all students take a spelling pre-test with the "Core" words for that week. If they get the word correct on Monday, there is no reason for them to be retested on the same word Friday. If they get the "core" word correct, then they highlight & learn the corresponding "challenge" word. So, students may have a combination of "core" & "challenge" words. Look in the middle of their spelling page to see their customized "MY LIST". These are the words they will be tested on. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Please continue to have your child read independently at home daily. Some parents ask, "My child can read. Should I keep reading out loud to my child?" YES!! It's a great way to discuss key comprehension points and it's a chance to read something a little more complex with stronger vocabulary. Plus, it makes for great cuddle time!

KEY VOCABULARY: character, setting, plot, summarize, main idea & details, fiction, non-fiction, moral or message of a story


We continue to review different strategies for addition & subtraction facts. We are exploring ways to represent and think of numbers using tens and ones. This will come in handy when we work with greater numbers later in the year. In class, we use manipulatives and counters to represent our thinking. We are making the transition to represent and notate our thinking in different ways.

For example: 64+ 7 Two different methods (of many) below:

  • Count on method: "Think 64, count up 7, say 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71"
  • Make a ten method: "Break down 64. It equals 60 + 4. (If I have 4, I need 6 more to make another 10) . I have a 7, so I can use the 6 in 6+1=7 to make a ten. So, think 60+10+1=71

You can also help your child by skip counting at home or in the car. Try counting by 10s but start at a random number not ending in zero. For example, start at 18. Your child says, 28, 38, 48, etc. Try counting backwards by 2s, starting at 30, 28, 26, etc. If your child needs a visual, use the "Hundreds Chart" in their homework folder.

Number Bond: You might be thinking, "What is this new-fangled terminology?" A number bond simply shows a relationship between numbers. An example of a number bond for 12 might be 6+6, 10+2, 11+1, etc. is also a phenomenal website we have been using in class to reinforce key math concepts & lessons. It correlates directly to our Eureka Math Lessons. Students are loving it!! Username is first name last name (NO SPACES) and their password is their 4 digit student number. If your child has extra time at home, give it a try!

KEY VOCABULARY: addend, sum, equasion, number sentence, make a ten, even, odd, number bond, expanded form


2nd Graders love navigating maps! In Science & Social Studies we are exploring maps of all kinds and understanding different landforms! Next time you go to LegoLand, have your child help plan their route through the park. Going on a trip? Check out the location on your IPAD or IPhone & map the detailed route.

KEY VOCABULARY: map, aerial view, landform, mountain, hill, lake, river, ocean, valley


This Wednesday, September 28th is minimum day. Dismissal is 12:02 PM


  • Please remember to have your child bring their Spelling Word List back on Fridays. Their buddy needs the list to give them their Friday test.
  • LOVE those HEALTHY SNACKS! Thanks for keeping it healthy!! I've seen hummus & pita chips, all kinds of fruits & veggies, yogurt, cheese, granola bars. YUM-OH! Healthy food is the best kind of gas for our gas tanks to keep our brains focused!!
  • Picture Day has been moved to October 5th
  • Media Center Book Check Out is Thursday-Remember to return those books. 2nd graders are allowed 2 books at a time for check out up to 2 weeks.
  • Thank you for all of your support in getting the new year off to a great start! Thank you also if you were able to help with additional classroom supplies!!
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