By: Darian

History of camouflage

People used camouflage to appear as something else, sometimes people would add color to vehicles, ships, aircraft and guns. Camouflage was first practiced in rifle units.

How camouflage functioned, and it's advantages

Camouflage was used to hide you or your supplies from enemies. Your enemies wouldn't be able to see you or catch you. You got the advantage because you saw your enemy first and were able to shoot them first.

Dazzle camouflage

Men used dazzle camouflage on ships then later on themselves. Dazzle camouflage made it difficult to estimate your targets range. Norman Wilkinson is the man who came up with the idea of dazzle camouflage.
The Ingenuity and Craftmanship of WWI Sniper Camouflage

Major problems

If your squadron is in camouflage too, you could end up shooting one of them on accident.