Digital Badges

Impact on Society and Global Community

What are Digital Badges?

Digital badges are an innovative new tool that honors and identifies student achievement, skills, quality, knowledge or interest in several learning environments. Digital badges are also being incorporated into the business world, as a representation of a person’s ability to stay up to date.

What Is A Badge?

Where can I earn digital badges?

What do Digital Badges identify?

  • achievement
  • skill
  • quality
  • knowledge
  • interest

What do Digital badges connect learners to?

  • opportunities
  • resources
  • one another
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How do digital badges impact students?

Without digital badges, students aren't encouraged to do their best and aren't determined to expand on their interests. Digital badges are motivating students to do well in school. They push them to learn to concepts and skills and increase their knowledge.

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Impact on Society and Global Community


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