Lavoy King & Robert Anthony


"Intensive with Lavoy King and Robert Anthony" this is a one day event that offers classes that will provide the proper knowledge and technique you need to know about dance. These classes will provide proper training, help build cardio and strength, and help give you a boost of confidence. Classes of different styles will be available such as hip hop, jazz funk, house, and locking. The intensive classes will allow you to grow not only in your gift, but will also condition your mind to have a clear focus for your goal at hand. We look foward to seeing everyone at the intensive. Thanks


Saturday, Aug. 9th, 9am-7pm

145 Manufacturing St

Dallas, TX


1 class $15

2 classes $25

3 classes $30

Unlimited classes for the day $40


9am-10am. Hip Hop Cardio (LK)

10am-11am. Beg Hip Hop (LK)

12pm-1pm. Inter Hip Hop (LK)

1pm-2pm. Adv Hip Hop (LK)

2pm-3pm. Jazz Funk (RA)

3pm-4pm. Hip Hop (RA)

4pm-5pm. House/Locking (RA)

5pm-6pm. Jazz Funk (LK)

6pm-7pm. Hip Hop (LK)