Exercise Physiology

Alexis Quiles

Defining Exercise Physiology

General Information

A(n) Exercise Physiologist helps improve and maintain ones health and fitness. They help many people with heart conditions, disable people, and professional guidance. Their general duties are health studies and integrating exercise.

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Additional Information

The job opportunity is great for people it is expanding all over the world. Your personality qualifications should be social and prepare to have patients for others. The reason why you should be social is that you can be comfortable with your clients. To have patients for others is impotent because it helps their health. In this career the salary begins at 36,014 for people with their bachelors degree.There is education required which is a high school diploma and a bachelors degree. There are colleges that specialize in this career; like for intense Baylor (in Waco, Texas) and University of Miami (in Florida), leads you to your bachelors degree. Common things you will see in this line of career is finding sports injuries and heart disabilities trying to be healthy.

My Personnel Reflection

In this Career I find it amazingly astonishing for the things you can learn about a person and also that you get to help the world keep healthy and fit. The reason why this is so great is that you would see the people of our nations grow to be better. So this career can be a great choice for anyone that has the effort to work with people. And it can be for you, I, or anyone. One thing that may not be great if you can't handle seeing injuries that are very severe.

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