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Family Fitness - January 2016

FUN Family Fitness you can do at home

With winter upon us it is definitely hard to get outside for any type of physical activity. Some of our BF third graders have put together a video to show you some easy fun exercises you can do at home with the entire family. We do exercises like this in our house during a commercial break of the kids' favorite show before bed time.
Family Fitness - Quick Indoor Activities and Exercises

More ideas for physical activity during the winter months

With the cold weather it's hard to get outside frequently to exercise and/or play. Here are some ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities during the winter months.

- household chores :) like dusting and vacuuming

- play hide and seek in the house

- dance party

- relaxation stretches

- shovel snow / sledding / snowball fight

- scavenger hunt around the house

- Simon says (great for listening activities)

- fitness challenges during commercial breaks (see who can do the most jumping jacks, push-ups, etc. during a certain time frame)

- indoor obstacle course

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