Jan. 22nd, 2018 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

Do you remember the stories we shared at the BOY about DJ Batiste?

Feeling connected, cared for, and truly “believed in” empowers us to rise to our highest potential. DJ Batiste is a former gang leader whose experience in a connected and compassionate Conscious Discipline classroom served as the turning point that motivated him to abandon gang life and connect with others in ways that help all involved to reach new heights. As DJ retells the story of his unlikely kinship with a classmate, imagine how much we can accomplish when we rise to our highest potential—together—with Conscious Discipline. (Restorative Discipline)

Restorative Discipline Practices - An Approach to Support Us with Our Discipline Challenges!

In small chunks and by taking baby steps, we will be learning about Restorative Discipline. This is a new approach to discipline. The hope is that we learn some strategies and ideas to decrease our current challenges with behavior. I will have the opportunity to receive training this week during principals' meetings. Lewisville ES has been accepted to be part of a restorative discipline cohort. I will be be sending some teams to the training possibly in March. More information is to come.

Click here to learn more about Restorative Discipline.

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Students' Accommodation Plan

If you have a student who has been identified for Special Education, 504, ELL, or RTI, they should have a current Accommodation Plan. By law, any educator who is teaching these students are legally required to implement the accommodations on a daily basis. Please promote our students' success by providing them with knowledge on how to use the accommodations as they learn and meet their academic and/or behavioral goals.
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Grade According to Grade Level TEKS

As an educator, one of the hardest things is to do is give a student a low grade (when we know that they are putting forth all the effort and ability they have). We hate to see that child walk away feeling defeated. We are all committed to the success of our students feeling empowered. However, if the student is performing below their current grade level TEKS, we have to give them the grade they made, in order to provide them with the intervention which they need. As we move forward, please be mindful that all grades that are going in the grade book/students' report card should be based on the students' current grade level TEKS (not the student's ability). If the student is failing (based on grade level TEKS), please write a referral for RTI. We want to ensure that all data is current and it is a true reflection of the student's educational need for RTI, Special Education/Speech, 504, and even GT services. Thank you for caring for, and being diligent about the success of our students.

A Minute with the LASes

Thank you to the following people for participating in last week's Coffee Talk on equity and diversity!

Ms. Lopez, Ms. Shield, Ms. Anguita, Coach Green, Ms. Zamora, Ms. Burleson and Ms. Valdes

There was also an anonymous participant, so if that was you, please let us know to give you the Jeans pass.

All the reflections were very thoughtful and can be applied to our school's reality. You can read them by clicking here. Also, the video below has good ideas and questions for reflection on our own practice.

And the winner of the gift card raffle is...



Students' Experiences

Thank you for posting how you are creating Students' Experiences!

Continue sharing with the district how in Lewisville Elementary we prepare our Ponies for College and Career Readiness.

Tweet to #LISDCULTURE and #Thepony way your pictures and videos demonstrating how we provide our students with engaging and enriching opportunities. Begin your tweet with LV ES..

Sessions with Professional Learning Communities for this week:

Tuesday's K-5 PLC agenda is Here

& the TEKS we will be studying are Here

Remember to bring a charged computer & any planning materials you need.

See you Tuesday in the data hub ready to participate in new learning!


Please click on the link to see the sequence of the Rally!

  • We will introduce a new song: Chayanne - Madre Tierra

The songs talks about:

We must give love if we are to ask for it later

We must forgive in order to keep going

Remember that we have a one-way ticket

And that we must always be thankful for life

For life, For life, For life, For life

Listen, Open your eyes, Look up

Enjoy the good things that you have in your life....

See what Mr. Thomas and Mr. Colon created for the Rally:

Click here

  • Be ready to say your chant!
  • Do you want to know the plan for the year? Click here to see the NEU College Ready Rally Planning Calendar

This is our first week for our NEU Ready Rally Leadership students to help our Kinder & 1st grade students! Thank you teachers for helping to make this happen!

  • 4th grade students will meet their 1st grade classes in the gym (1st grade is coming from specials)
  • 5th grade students will meet their Kinder classes in the Kinder classrooms
  • Their main task- help dismiss (assign them students to help lead out), encourage the kids to chant & dance (it is a process, so it will get better and better each week)

Resource Round-Up

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be focusing on a new guided reading resource to our professional library. We only have a couple of copies available, but grade levels can share one copy.

Chapter 1 introduces us to the literacy routines and procedures that should be established in K–8 classrooms. A common question about guided reading is, What is the rest of the class doing while the teacher is leading guided reading groups? Centers can easily become busy-work stations with no link to literacy development.

Consider your current classroom routines and procedures. Ask yourself what could be improved. What is not working as well as you hoped? Choose one of Jan’s suggested literacy activities on pages 18–22 and try it in your classroom. You might add a new word wall station, create a Readers Theater center, or add a written response piece to the listening center.

**Don't forget about our science poetry resource: The Poetry Friday Anthology For Science by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong. Any one of the coaches would love to make copies for you to use in your classroom.**

2nd 9 Week Report Card Time is Here

  • Grading Period is from October 30th - January 19th
  • Grade posting LVES deadline is @ 4:00 PM on Monday, January 22nd
  • Please add your comments/notes before marking grades completed
  • Please open the Language Arts Combined course before marking grades completed

*Need to make a grade change after posting window is closed- click link


Pennies for Patients Pony News

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Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Lewisville Elementary Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Weekly Calendar

Monday January 22nd

  • GRADES DUE at 4pm
  • 2nd 9 wk. Report Cards
  • Kinder WTW/PASP Inventory window BEGINS
  • K-2nd Math MOY Universal Screenings window BEGINS
  • College Ready Rally 2:20-2:45 pm
  • College/U shirt Day
  • Math & Science ACT

Tuesday January 23

  • PLC in DataHub

Wednesday January 24th

  • Math CBA 2nd
  • Math CBA 3rd-4th
  • 5th Visits DeLay MS
  • All Level Team Meetings
  • Dress for Success Day
  • LA & Inst. Tech. ACT

Thursday January 25th

  • Math CBA 2nd
  • Reading CBA 3rd-4th
  • Math CBA 5th grade
  • Inst. Tech. Fac.
  • Math & Science ACT
  • 4th Teachers- Writing Academy
  • **** 2nd grade music Performance

Friday January 26th

  • *3rd @ 8:15
  • *2nd @ 9:00
  • *4th @ 1:30
  • *5th @ 2:10

Staff Shout Outs

  • Coach W for always willing to locate students during their specials
  • Mr. Anderson for tutoring my kids while I've been out! You have been such a rock star on helping my class out!
  • My third grade team for helping out with my sub and students while I've been out! You guys ROCK!!!
  • Wanda Oden for checking on me and helping me out with grades and my sub. I appreciate all your help!
  • Miss Betty and Danielle Ramage for helping me with subs during my time of need!
  • Coach W for serving our parents by jumping several cars this week!
  • Ms. Wooster for all that she does in supporting our students.
  • Mr. Reed- Thank you for covering my class last week!
  • Ms. Y. Bernal- Thank you for making sure 4th is prepared for the next 9 weeks and sharing your hard work!
  • Ms. Burleson for always sharing your amazing ideas!

Click here to submit your Shout Out.

January Birthdays

Jackie Garcia -January 06

Kim Kilam- January 05

Rosemary Dickinson- January 20

Paul Wieczorek- January 23

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