Weekly Launch

September 3-7


Don't forget to email or text Brenda and I if you are running late or going to be absent. Even if you filled out a discretionary form, we forget. It reminds us to check on sub and make sure they are in the system.

LOL dues($35 for teachers $17 for paras) are being accepted by Pamela Baggett

Morning Meetings-please spend some time during your morning meetings talking to students about their words. We have had quite a few students making inappropriate statements to other students. MM are the perfect time to address this issue!

Jeans Passes-When you use a pass, be sure to turn in a slip in the basket at the front desk. We will only be accepting 2018-2019 passes in the basket starting September 10! If you purchased the wear jeans on Wednesday pass, you will have a sticker on your badge so nothing needs to be turned in.

Please be sure to join PTA! They are working hard to get the Golden Apple Award!

Important Dates

September 3-No School

September 4-1st BAS opens, wear college shirt with jeans

September 5-Buckels off campus all day(be nice to Sweeney!),

2nd grade parent night-5:30 LEADS training in Library(10 minutes-bring laptop-will get an invite if you need to attend)

September 6-TRRFCC

Fundraiser kickoff-8:30-5th, Kinder, 1st

9:15-4th, 3rd 2nd

September 7-Sandy off campus all day

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Manners

Word of the Month-Respect

Morning Announcements-Clemmer-send 5-6 kids each day at 8:06

Big picture

Compliment Corner

Pink slips to write compliments are in the corner box of the mailboxes in the blue basket

Compliment for-

Terri May-helping teachers make copies and laminating-Jen Murray

Leslie Schwanke-for diving right into first grade with a smile. She goes far above a "subs" duties and is willing to do anything that is beneficial for students-Stephanie Hirsch

Shout Outs

Shout out to Fifth grade! Their whole team has joined PTA!

Shout out to 4th for being troopers with their large numbers! They have had such positive attitudes! They also get a shout out for the whole team joining PTA!

Shout out to 2nd grade for meeting their students at block

Word of the Week-Calculate

Curriculum Corner


Having student writing folders with supports/scaffolds(example:alphabet linking chart, blends linking chart) empowers the STUDENT to write more without teacher help. Please get your writing folders up and running soon.


Writers need to see the teacher model their writing in a writer's notebook. Please make sure your writing notebook isn't all charts that students will glue in, the actual writing needs to be in the notebook


Sharing with their writing with a peer is an important daily practice. I would love for you to invite us in to watch the share time.