February 2015


Mrs. Beren, Mr. Eigenberg and Mr. Harsch worked with their HELA10 students on Persuasion. Using Opposing Viewpoints, Global Issues in Context and SIRS, the students gathered information on both sides of debatable issues before creating and defending a position paper. Easy Bib was used to organize their information and resources.

Mr. Landes and his Advanced Acting students created iMovies as a quarter end project and spent several days in the LMC producing and editing their work.

US History students in Mrs. Newsum's class used databases and books as they worked on their decades projects. Some students did Prezi's and Powerpoints and others created movies and demonstrations.

Imperialism was the research topic for Mrs. Anderson's World History students. They used Easy Bib in addition to the databases to gather and organize their information.

Mr. Dewey was in with his Psychology classes and Ms. White brought her Media Pop classes in to work on their television project.

Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Sula, Mrs. Podany and Mrs. Gyswyt brought all Chemistry students to the LMC for a presentation on researching everyday items for the "Chemistry of...." project. These students not only used the Science in Context, AP Science and Gale Virtual Reference Library databases, but we also set each one up with an Easy Bib account so that they could generate a proper APA cited bibliography.


8 more classes checked out class sets in February as we anticipate being closed after Spring Break and into April for Assessments.

1182 books were checked out during the month and there were a total of 10873 visitors to the LMC. 2987 students came to the LMC with classes during the month.

Our paras are still very hard at work on aggressively weeding unused Reference materials and Non-fiction to make way for some furniture adjustments that will be made this summer.