Bridge to the Future

Opportunity for 9-12 Students who are Deaf/HH

Online Summer STEM Mentoring and Career Exploration

The Educational Resource Center on Deafness (ERCOD) has a new ONLINE summer course for

currently enrolled Texas area 9th-12th grade students beginning on June 8th, 2015 – July 31st, 2015. This

new online course is called: Bridge to the Future: STEM Mentoring and Career Exploration. Students

will be exploring a variety of topics related to STEM careers and training requirements, learning basic

program coding, building computers or robots using maker kits and meeting a STEM field mentor via

videoconferencing or in person. Students will complete the course with a portfolio including their course

work and career plans.

Please note there are only 2 weeks until the Bridge to the Future course begins! This is a very short

processing time and therefore due dates for all applications, recommendation forms and registrations will

come quickly and without a lot of leeway. We apologize for the quick pace needed but it will be well

worth it for the students who participate.

Are you interested in...

ONLINE Summer Program - June 8th to July 31st, 2015

Deaf or Hard of Hearing high school Students in Grades 9-12

Mentoring and Career Exploration for Texas high school students interested in STEM fields.

Students will be paired with mentors who are deaf or hard of hearing. This program

will guide students through an exploration of career opportunities, teach how to build a

robot or computer, teach basic coding and prepare to find a STEM job!

*** APPLY TODAY!! ***

For more information please contact:

Educational Resource Center on Deafness

1102 S. Congress Ave. • Austin, TX 78704

Phone: (512) 462-5329 • Videophone: (512) 982-1646 • Español: (512) 743-7972

Program Provided through ERCOD - Educational Resource Center on Deafness