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Job Description

Hercules had a very important job. He had to complete 12 labors to achieve immortality, and be discharged of his guilt. His labors were made almost impossible, but with his determination and strength was able to complete all 12 labors!


A lion skin which he wears in honor of completing his first labor, a club, bow and arrows.

Character Traits

He was very handsome, charming, very well-built and strong. He was not the brightest of people but he knew how to get stuff done and prove people wrong.


Son of Zeus, king of Olympia. Son of Alcmena, a mortal. Hercules had a half brother Iphicles. He was then married to 3 different woman Megara first wife, Deianira second wife, Hebe third wife.


One of Hercules strengths is his strength he is known as the strongest of most gods and all mortals. Another of his strength was his bravery, he was said to be the bravest man. He was also very determined, if you set him to do something he wouldn't stop until he completed it.


Some of his weakness is being extremely greedy, his lack of intelligence, and angry issues, his rage often harmed innocent bystanders.


  • Hercules was the God of War
  • The Goddess Hera wanted to make trouble for Hercules and she set him out to do 12 labors.
  • Hercules was half-human half-god
  • A roman emperor made all the months renamed after him, after making him his patron.

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