Life before the Constitution

By: Maria Ramirez

Life as a Banker/Merchant

I am a banker, I live in New York, I come from a very rich family, it has been upsetting because as a baker you might lend $100 and get paid back with nothing, they don't respect us and our properties anymore, but the good thing is that now they can pay the soldiers that protect us.

Life as a Southern Planter

I am a Tobacco planter, I live in Virginia, I own 30 black soldiers, they do the hardest work, they plant harvest, dry, pack, and load the tobacco to get it on sale, something that has been annoying is that the common people are protesting for more money for the poor farmers, the unemployed, and workers in the towns and cities.

Life as a Farmer

I am part of a farming family, I live in Massachusetts, I feed myself with left overs that are sell in town, I'm worried because I can't pay my taxes