8th Grade Gradventure

Important Information and Last Minute Reminders

Hello, 8th Grade Families,

Below you will find important information regarding our 8th Grade Gradventure Trip tomorrow, May 17th, 2019. If you have any questions please contact Mrs.Frunker. If your student is not attending this trip please disregard this email.

Check In/Departure

All 8th Grade Orcas attending must check in with Mrs. Frunker no later than 4:00 PM. Technology Drive HS 8th Grade Orcas please note all attendees must be dropped off at the LYNX LANE CAMPUS, buses will not be able to pick up students directly from the Tech Drive Campus. Please coordinate with each other if you are able to take multiple students to Lynx so no one is left without a ride. If you are unable to get your child to Lynx for any reason, please contact Mrs. Frunker or Mrs.Mulligan.

The buses will be leaving at 4:15 PM SHARP, if you are not there on time, we will not be able to wait for your arrival regardless of traffic, etc. Make plans accordingly. As a rule of thumb, we highly discourage parents from taking kids home as to not get stuck in traffic on the way.

Also, keep in mind, students who are absent from school for the day, may not attend extracurricular events.

Dress Code Policy

Below you will find the Dress Code Policy. Students may wear their Gradventure shirts to school tomorrow but please be advised they will be required to wear them for the trip even if they become dirty/sweaty. All students are required to wear the shirt in its unaltered form for the entire night. Students may also bring a drawstring bag.

No hoodies will be permitted (even OSS) but they may bring light regular jackets. The green shirts must always be visible. The weather should be a warm Florida night! OSS Students may not wear sandals or open toed shoes (OSS dress down policy).

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Cell Phones & Chargers

Students are encouraged to bring the phone chargers to keep their phones useable through the evening. This is their number 1 means of keeping in contact with chaperones through the evening! Failure to check in with chaperones will result in a referral and an evening with the teachers!

Additional Spending Money

Students may also bring additional spending money. This is all at their own responsibility!!! They will receive one meal voucher ticket at the park for an entree, side, and drink.

Departure/Pick Up

Pick up will be at the Lynx campus, students will not be released from Universal Orlando and buses will not drop students off at the Technology Drive HS Campus. We will be arriving back no later than 1 am. ALL students must be picked up by 1:15 am.

If any student is going home with a nonfamily member, written notice must be submitted to Mrs Frunker by this afternoon.