Social Studies Tasks

digital resources for rigorous and relevant authentic tasks

Resources for ELL and Struggling Readers

Social Studies content involves extensive academic vocabulary, so providing resources on different reading levels can help deliver content to struggling readers.

NewsELA is a site that has current event articles (searchable) that can be changed between reading levels with just a mouse click. The same article can be printed on different reading levels. Search for articles related to the topic you are studying, and then digitally differentiate.

TweenTribune is another site by Smithsonian that posts current event articles that can change reading levels. TweenTribune is completely free.

Wonderopolis is a site that has articles related to questions (wonders) posted by student around the world. It is geared more towards primary grades, but some of the articles are perfect for struggling readers in higher grades.

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Digital resources for everything! The third row is all Social Studies stuff!

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