Rhyme Time

October Newsletter 2015

Lesson Plans

1. Bats & Spiders

2. Ghosts & Pumpkins

3. Fall Harvest

4. Trick-Or-Treat

What's new for Rhyme Time Friends

*Evelyn is waving and saying "Hello!"

*Hayden repeats a lot of words/sentences, "Happy Face!"

*Tanner has done an amazing job, repeating his colors and working on saying his shapes!

*Kayah is repeating and recognizing colors!

*Cassie is waving "Bye!"

*Colton signs "All Done" at the table after meals.

*Everly is working on repeating colors "blue" and "yellow."

*Owen signs "All Done" at the table after meals.

*Sam is working on saying/repeating his colors!

Rhyme Time Friends

Thank you Rhyme Time Families for the amazing "All About Me" posters. I am just in love with all the effort you put into them, thank you for taking time out of your night to create them with your child! We learned a lot about each other from height and weight and exploring our families! We loved making hand prints and footprints for our family trees to introduce moms, dads, and brothers/sisters. We talked about pets that we may have around the house or outside! A big change to the Rhyme Time room is a new color on the walls, rearrangement and new toys and pillows! Big THANK YOU to Ms. Susan and Audrey Kammer (Ms. Katie's mom) for helping and their dedication of their personal time to help me paint Rhyme Time! It has brightened up Rhyme Time and made the room seem so much bigger! We look forward to a new month with our new Rhyme Time teacher, Ms. Tanya and to fill our room with lots of fun and new amazing artwork by our children!

Rock-A-Bye Rhyme Time

Please feel free to contact us anyway with questions or concerns, Ms. Katie and Ms. Tanya, at anytime throughout the day!