air pollution in the USA

By Shane Miller and Tomas Mitri Period:2 Class: Wasser

The introduction to air pollution in the USA

Air pollution is affecting millions of people in the USA, and making everyday life harder than it should. So, how can I create a flyer that will inform people about the dangers of air pollution. We selected this topic because we care about the safety of others and how we could try to try to help them. In most cities, air pollution is very high in the USA. Every needs to help stop air pollution in the USA.

HOw air Pollution is caused and how it can effect you

Air pollution is caused by methane gas, cow manure, fossil fuels, tobacco smoke, mouse waste, second hand smoking, heavy traffic, ozone pollution, particle pollution, and gases. Air pollution can also harm your lungs and give you diseases. Air pollution can lead to early death, lung cancer, and death. 1.6 million people are living with asthma because of pollution. People that live near busy streets are at a higher risk of lung disease.
Particle Pollution-What's in Air Pollution-American Lung Association

More Data about Air pollution in the usa/quotes

One quote from Dr. Norman Edelman says, "Still, this year's finding of a "great increase in ozone pollution is of great concern." 4/10 Americans are breathing unhealthy air. "Over the years, extensive epidemiologic studies have shown as much as a 20% increase in ER and hospital admissions of patients with heart and lung diseases when particulate pollution peaks," Edelman said.

Shane-My opinion on this topic is that it is very good to talk about something very serious that is happening in the USA, I like this topic because it is very important to me, and everyone else in the USA.

Tomas-Air pollution is a very important topic, it is effecting many people and there pets:( It is happening basically on every country on the planet.

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BY: Shane Miller and Tomas Mitri